Donetsk remains the epicenter of the greatest madness of the occupiers – every day they die by the hundreds, – Zelensky

During the day of November 7, the Russian occupiers hit more than 50 settlements in our country. He stated that The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in the evening address.

“Donbass, Zaporozhye, Kherson region, Mykolaiv region, Kharkiv region, Dnipropetrovsk region… Missiles, aviation, volley fire systems. We answer everywhere. We also have the necessary results – another Russian plane has been shot down. We also received new systems that significantly strengthen our air defense. The protection of the Ukrainian sky is, of course, not 100%, but we are gradually moving towards our goal. To date, we can say that the recent escalation of Russian terror with missiles and drones has only led to a response from the world – a response with new aid to Ukraine. We will do our best to get as many countries as possible to join this aid”he said.

According to the president, on the front as a whole, the Ukrainian forces are in a state of active defense, and in some areas in the east and south, they are gradually repelling the enemy.

“We are gradually moving forward. Donetsk remains the epicenter of the occupiers’ greatest madness – hundreds die every day. The ground in front of the Ukrainian positions is literally littered with the bodies of the occupiers… Decisions were announced today on some Ukrainian enterprises. This decision was dictated by military necessity and was agreed at the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander. Five strategic enterprises were forcibly expropriated for the needs of the war – “Motor Sich”, “KrAZ”, “Ukrnafta”, “Ukrtatnafta” and Zaporizhzhya transformer. Some of them barely worked. Now everything will work. On defense. This is repair and production of equipment, provision of the defense forces, work to restore our infrastructure. A complex task that can only be accomplished through the system of military government. I do not rule out other similar decisions.”said Zelensky.

The President also made an important international address on November 7.

“Egypt Climate Summit. A very significant event, a very representative crowd. Dozens of state leaders and heads of government. The main thing for us is to inform the world about the ongoing Russian aggression, about the destabilizing influence that Russia has on the whole world. When the world is focused on countering war, the energy and food crises, the disruption of normal international relations, the climate agenda clearly suffers. And climate destruction cannot in any way be paused… Therefore, anyone seriously considering the climate agenda must also seriously consider the need to immediately halt Russian aggression, restore our territorial integrity, and compel Russia to real peace talks. To such negotiations, which we have repeatedly proposed and to which we have always received insane Russian responses with new terrorist attacks, shelling or blackmail. Once again: restoration of territorial integrity, compliance with the UN Charter, compensation for all war damage, punishment of every war criminal and guarantees that it will not happen again. These are completely understandable conditions”– he said.

As “FACTS” wrote, earlier the General Staff reported that the occupiers were suffering huge losses and mocking the local population, forcing them to evacuate.

photo: OPU


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