Dmytro Lunin: “An important bridge connecting several regions is being restored in Poltava region”

In the Kremenchuk region of the Poltava region, the main repair of the bridge over Sula has been resumed, the head of the Poltava OVA announced Dmytro Lunin.

This bridge is part of the N-08 Boryspil – Mariupol road and an important transport artery between the northern, central and southern parts of Ukraine. The length of the bridge is 214 meters.

“The bridge was built 60 years ago and was in a deplorable condition. The renovation was supposed to be completed in September, but due to the full-scale invasion of Russia, the work was stopped. They have now been restored. Road crews are working to restore traffic as quickly as possible. When a country is at war and defending itself, we all understand the priorities. But infrastructure and roads need to be repaired. This is our security! This key area must not stop.” Dmytro Lunin scored.

He added that despite the war this year in Poltava region, local roads have continued to be repaired in most communities in the region. 350,000 square meters have been restored. m road surface.

“A few years ago, we started the practice of joint repairs of local roads in the region. The priority of plots is chosen by the communities themselves. This year we have restored local roads in 40 settlements out of 60. 250 sections have been repaired, most of them with cleared maps. Dmytro Lunin summarized.

We will remind you that according to the results of last year, Poltava Region became the leader in terms of efficiency of local road repair for the second time. 100% of the funds provided for carrying out the works have been used. This is the best indicator among the regions of Ukraine. According to Dmytro Lunin, 80 km of local roads and 1 bridge are planned to be repaired in 2021. However, 116 km of highways were restored, 40% more than expected. Such results were achieved thanks to the clear organization and coordinated work of all responsible offices in the region.


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