Deputy “Servant of the People” Jean Beleniuk plans to head the NOC: what is happening

Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion and member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Zhan Beleniuk presented his program as NOC president. We remind you that earlier on his Facebook page he announced his decision to run for the post of president of the National Olympic Committee. The deputy from “Servant of the People” plans to change the NOC statute and return the post of general secretary, as well as to create a commission on sanctions.

We remind you that Jean Beleniuk was elected as a People’s Deputy in 2019 by the pro-government political force “Servant of the People”, but he did not leave his sports career. Thus, according to media reports, in order to represent Ukraine at the 2021 Olympics, Ukrainian wrestler and MP Zhan Beleniuk allegedly had to eliminate a strong competitor using an official excuse and his political connections.

“Then Zhan Beleniuk and Viktor Novikov applied to participate in the same weight category, the only license to participate in the Olympic Games, which belongs to the NOC, was granted to Beleniuk by a decision of the NOC, without a competitive fight between the two candidates,” – the media write.

After the Olympics, Oleg Sazonov, president of the Greco-Roman Wrestling Federation of Ukraine and the main sponsor of Zhan Belenyuk, was appointed the champion’s head coach and at the same time head of the OPZZH faction, banned in Ukraine, through the Poltava District Council. In 2015, he ran for the pro-Russian “Opposition Bloc”, before that he represented the “Party of the Regions”. With such a prestigious status, he is mentioned in the press, although in fact the wrestler was trained by Vladimir Shatsky. Beleniuk also ensured that Sazonov was included in the award list based on the results of the Tokyo Olympics.

We remind you that the reporting and election meeting of the NOC will be held on November 17. The main contenders for the vacant post will be the 51-year-old Minister of Youth and Sports Vadim Gutzeit and People’s Deputy of Ukraine Zhan Beleniuk. It is known that the current president of NOC Serhiy Bubka intends to support Vadim Gutsait in the elections.

It is also worth noting that in April of this year, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine awarded People’s Deputy from “Servant of the People” Zhan Beleniuk with a Glock-19 pistol. This is what the political scientist Kochetkov said. Then he compared this award to the awarding of the hated People’s Deputy from the presidential faction Mykola Tishchenko with a Stechkin pistol “for the heroic defense of Mukachev.”


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