“Daughters kiss dad forever”: 8 months the family of the fallen soldier cannot take his body from the occupiers

Every day Anna Makarevich from Novoyavorivsk looks at pictures of her and her husband Mykhailo and their children happy and smiling. Picks up the phone hopefully, waiting for such a precious message: “It’s okay, honey. I love you and your daughters endlessly.” But since March 18, she no longer hears her most familiar voice and will not hear it, because her beloved was killed by the Russian invaders. On the battlefield in the Luhansk region. Anna saw him dead, the photo was published by one of the enemy publics Since then her life has been divided into “before” and “after,” and her days have become black and her tears more burning because she has not yet been given her husband’s body to bury with dignity in his hometown.

– Mihailo had two higher educations, there was always something to talk about with him. At one time he worked in the patrol police in Yavorov, Lviv region, he proved himself as a worthy and professional officer, – told “FACTAM” wife of the deceased Anna Makarevich. — We got married in 2016 and raised two daughters. Mihailo was the best father, others set him as an example. On February 20, he turned 34, went to church and confessed because he was a religious person. Not a single night did he go to bed without praying.

On the first day of the full invasion, the man volunteered to go to the Military Commissariat, even though I asked him to stay. But Mykhailo was adamant in his decision, he said he would protect our children, me and the peaceful sky over Ukraine. And asked to wait for him with victory. The beloved was taken into service in the 24th separate mechanized brigade named after Tsar Danilo, and immediately he and his comrades went to defend the Luhansk region.

Mykhailo Makarevich

The husband’s mother, who works in Poland, constantly sent help to the husband and other servicemen. On March 14, Mihailo heads to the Popasnaya depot area, where real hell is happening, the occupiers are constantly shelling them. Despite the fact that the man has no military experience, he copes well and performs combat tasks together with experienced officers. On March 18, we were still talking to our beloved, he managed to call his parents and sister. During the conversation, he complained that the situation was dire, there was not enough ammunition to shoot. It sounded from his mouth that he probably wouldn’t survive. Of course, it was extremely painful to hear such a thing, so we asked Mihailo to protect himself and banish evil thoughts. That same day, the man and three of his brothers go on a combat mission, but become targets for a Russian sniper. However, this came to light later as my husband was reported missing for nearly a month. Day and night I looked eagerly at the names of those who were wounded in the hospital, who were in captivity, I hoped that my Michael was alive. However, on April 17, the husband’s sister saw a photo and video of my husband’s body on the Rashist Telegram channel “Looking for Khokhlov”. They immediately recognized him… And those lying next to him were severely mutilated. It’s hard to remember what we went through then, everything broke inside. There was a glimmer of hope that at least the body would be given a proper burial.

The happy family

However, Anna adds, she still doesn’t know where she is. And that’s the most heartbreaking thing.

“I know that after the man was killed, the occupiers took his phone, they were online all night on his behalf, Anna Makarevich continues. — There is information that the dead soldiers were buried on the spot, there are versions that they were usually destroyed together with civilians, because no one understood whose bodies they were. They say that the Rashists looked for wooden houses, threw their victims there and burned them. But I do not even want to believe this terrible version, and I hope that after the deoccupation I will return the body of my loved one and bury him with military honors. And for now, I’m doing everything to draw attention to my problem. She repeatedly went to rallies with a poster and portrait of her husband. Together with other families, the other day we were in Kyiv at a meeting of the Coordination Headquarters, we met with representatives of the SBU. We must fight to the end.

“We have to fight to the end,” says Anna

Anna Makarevich adds that his children, 3-year-old Maria and 5-year-old Melania, miss his father the most:

– They bring flowers into the house, put them next to the portrait. They light candles for dad, they pray because he sees them from heaven. But they are still waiting for him to come. Kisses are passed on in eternity… Children seem to say that there is no father, but the little ones don’t understand yet. And the younger one looks so much like him, such is his love-love… When he came home from work, she would constantly sit on his arms and kiss him. And every memory of the daughters about their father is so painful to hear. And to wait, not to have the opportunity to go to the grave, to cry…

5-year-old Melania and 3-year-old Maria

Meanwhile, in Chernigov, they said goodbye to the soldier – 55-year-old Yuri Ostrogrud, whose body was also searched for 8 months. And in Kyiv, Pavel Ronin, who defended the capital and went through the battles of Lisichansk, was taken on his last journey.


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