Crimean partisans liquidated 30 Russian soldiers in Simferopol

In the temporarily occupied Crimea, where the occupiers are digging trenches in anticipation of the arrival of the armed forces, activists of the underground movement “ATESH” announced the liquidation of 30 Russian servicemen in hospitals in Simferopol.

This was reported in the Telegram channel of the partisans.

“At the military hospitals of Simferopol, ATESH agents successfully liquidated 30 servicemen of the Russian army. 30 Outsiders We Helped Get to God’s Court.” – says the official announcement of the “ATESH” movement.

The Crimean partisans also add that the authenticity of this information can be verified by checking the wards and morgues.

“Check the wards, check the morgues, burn the medical records. You can deny this fact 300 times, but it’s true! I think!” – noted in the publication.

Also on November 12, a list of 25 names of servicemen allegedly eliminated was posted online.

The day before, it was reported that agents of the movement went to the Sevastopol Naval Clinical Hospital, as well as to maternity hospital No. 2, where wounded Russian soldiers were also accommodated.

At the beginning of October, activists of the movement announced the creation of an underground organization “ATESH” in the ranks of the Russian army with the aim of destroying the occupation army from within. For this purpose, Crimean Tatars and pro-Ukrainian Russians are recruited into the partisan movement on the Ukrainian peninsula temporarily controlled by Russia.

We remind you that earlier it became known about the activities of underground workers in the ranks of Russian railway workers – they are trying to block military supplies for the Russian army, which is fighting in Ukraine, through targeted sabotage.


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