‘Cold will affect both sides of the war’: British intelligence reports on the difficulties fighters will have to face

Winter, which is just around the corner, will change the conditions of the war in Ukraine for both the Russian and Ukrainian militaries, and the change in daylight, temperature and weather will create unique challenges for the soldiers fighting. For that reports UK Ministry of Defence.

The decisions of the Russian General Staff will be partially conditioned by the onset of winter. Daylight will be reduced to less than 9 hours a day, compared to 15-16 hours in the height of summer. This results in fewer offensive operations and a more static frontline defense. The ability to have night vision is a valuable quality and further increases the reluctance to fight at night. The average maximum temperature will drop from 13 degrees Celsius in September-November to zero in December-February. Military personnel who do not have winter clothing and shelter are more likely to suffer from cold sores“.

In addition, the “golden hour” during which it is possible to save a seriously wounded soldier will be reduced by about half, making the risk of contact with the enemy much greater.

The weather itself is likely to be characterized by increased precipitation, wind speed and snowfall. Each of these phenomena will create additional difficulties for the already low morale of the Russian forces, as well as create problems for the maintenance of kits. Basic exercises such as weapon cleaning must be adapted to these conditions and the risk of weapon malfunction increases“, noted the Ministry of Defense.

We remind you that earlier “FACTS” published an expert opinion on the development of military actions in the winter.


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