“Bring back my mother, Putin”: a first-grader whose father died in Azovstal prays every day for the release of his mother from captivity

Social networks published a video of 6-year-old Yehor Gaburic, who turned to the murderous dictator with a single request – to release his mother Alina from the Russian torture chamber. She is the closest person left to him, because an enemy air bomb in Mariupol killed his protector father, the body has not yet been recovered. According to the boy’s grandmother, Halina Dorofeeva, the family is painfully experiencing the loss and separation of the child from his mother, and every word is extremely difficult for her.

— My daughter met her lover Vadim while studying at the college in Cherkasy, – told “FACTAM” Galina Dorofeeva. — He is an officer who devoted his whole life to the army… Since 2014, he has been defending the country from invaders. Soon they got married and became Egorchik’s parents. After that, Alina graduated from Kherson University and received the specialty of customs control inspector. A few years ago, she decided to join the military and together with her lover and son settled near Mariupol, where their unit was stationed. I helped with my grandson.

Little Egorchik with his mother Alina

The couple lived very well, planned to give their son a sister. But it didn’t work out… Alina and Vadim perfectly understood that Russia would attack, so on February 22 they took us and Egorchik to our in-laws in the Cherkasy region. Then Vadim’s father had a birthday and was very happy with such a gift.

The daughter and her husband returned to the Donetsk region, where they were overtaken by a full-scale invasion. They have been in the bunkers of “Azovstal” since March, they are constantly searched by the Russians. Alina never once admitted exactly where she was, how difficult it was for her there. On April 23, one of the aerial bombs fell in the room where the son-in-law was. They managed to get him out badly injured and tried to save him. The doctors even operated on him, but there was not enough blood for a transfusion. Vadim’s spleen and lungs are ruptured. As far as I know, he died in his daughter’s arms on April 26th. She didn’t tell me about it, she only admitted it to her own father. She protected me from a nervous breakdown, because shortly before the war I ended up in intensive care due to health problems.

The boy’s father, Vadim, was an officer in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and died in the defense of Mariupol

The interlocutor remembers that she last communicated with her daughter on the social network on May 18. At her request, she showed the sun, because Alina lacked light and warmth in this hell and under round-the-clock shelling…

— And a day later she was captured, — says the woman. — We started cutting all the hot lines and that’s how we found out that Vadim was no longer there. On July 7, the occupiers gave Alina the opportunity to call from captivity, she asked about her son and whether her husband had already been buried. There was no more news from my daughter… I only know that she is in Taganroza.

The grandson still lives with his in-laws in Cherkasy, went to first grade there. His grandparents take him to fall training camp, the latter becoming his guardian. Yegorchik constantly says that his father protects him from heaven, watches how he studies, how he behaves. If it were not for the grandson, Vadim’s parents would be even worse morally, and so they live for the sake of the child. He was recently enrolled in a music school. He loves music the most, always with a microphone in his hands. He is also good at math.

Yehorchik now lives with his grandparents in the Cherkasy region

According to Galina Dorofeeva, the boy misses his mother very much. Every morning he wakes up wondering if she’s back.

– He will go to the matchmaker, ask for a tablet, turn on the microphone there and say to Putin: “Bring my mother home!” Of course, after hearing it, the tears well up… – the grandmother’s voice, her voice trembles. — Every exchange is such a hope for us. There is no Alinochka in the lists – another disappointment…

Medic Marina Golinko, previously released from captivity, spoke about life in besieged Mariupol, the courage of the defenders of Azovstal and her experience in Russian torture camps.

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