Betrayal or unfitness? The media about the pro-Russian sentiments of PAGS judges

The Northern Commercial Court of Appeal is one of the most problematic courts in Ukraine. Local employees of Themis have repeatedly been at the center of loud scandals, participated in journalistic investigations and criminal cases. Recently, the SBU and the State Bureau of Investigation reported the suspicion of judge Volodymyr Kuksov, who expected Ukraine to be taken over by the Russian occupiers and campaigned in support of “Russian peace”. This is what writes about.

According to the publication, other officials of this court also show support for the terrorist country.

“In particular, decisions continue to be made in favor of companies with Russian roots. Moreover, they sided with the company, which during the war seized Ukrainian assets through raids and participated in a criminal case for carrying out subversive activities against Ukraine. – says the article.

According to the publication, the financial company “Investohills Vesta” is indirectly included in the orbit of the Russian-Ukrainian businessman Pavlo Fuchs and specializes in buying out problematic debts of banks. Repeatedly accused of raiding, the company has been involved in a number of high-profile scandals, particularly related to international investments.

“This company is actually the largest financial company that bought loan portfolios from Ukrainian banks, actually from the Deposit Guarantee Fund. I believe that the Security Service should have paid attention to such companies a long time ago. This company gets real leverage over Ukrainian businesses, having the ability to destroy them. he said lawyer Rostislav Kravets.

Ukrainian law enforcement authorities are investigating the participation of Investohills Zapad in carrying out subversive activities in Ukraine for the benefit of the Russian Federation, according to the decision of the Galician District Court of Lviv.

Since last March, the company has been trying to claim land and substations from the companies “Seif Invest”, “Probudservice 2012” and “Regional Energy Company 1”. They have owned the assets since 2015.

According to lawyer Rostislav Kravets, in his case, Investohills West asked to circumvent the law and re-register the property to himself. In addition to the obvious inconsistencies in the case file, the finance company violated the deadlines for filing a lawsuit to challenge the purchase of assets. But the judges still ruled in favor of the pro-Russian company.

“By making such a decision, the judges knew that they were giving Vesta the opportunity to earn billions, as long as these billions did not go to the economy of Ukraine. We know for sure that the founders are foreigners, that is, the judges actually contributed to the withdrawal of capital from Ukraine.” – added the lawyer.

According to, the presiding judge in the case is Judge Boris Polyakov: “It is not the first time he has reviewed the affairs of Investohills West Financial Company and its related companies over the past few years. By an interesting coincidence, the cases of “Investohills West” in the Northern Commercial Court of Appeal go to Polyakov. In 2019, according to the media, the judge was involved in criminal proceedings for interference with the automated distribution system at the Supreme Commercial Court.

Judge Lyudmila Harnik ruled alongside Polyakov, which helps a pro-Russian company illegally seize the assets of a Ukrainian business. She was one of the first judges to take an initial qualification assessment and failed. In 2016, she failed to confirm her professional knowledge and ability to administer justice. But in 2021, she returned to her post.

The third referee in the composition of PAGS, which will play FC “Investohills West”, is Boris Otryuch.

According to journalists, he, like his colleague Boris Polyakov, actually already specializes in dealing with the affairs of Investohills Vesta Financial Company.

According to the story, over the past several years, the affairs of the company and its related firms have often been reviewed by the panel, on which Otruch was a member.

The publication draws attention to the fact that the case was initially heard by Judge Polyakov with other judges, but allegedly due to “unpredictability” they were replaced by already known names who had already ruled in favor of the company with Russian roots.

“This composition of the court was formed a day before the court session, where almost instantly, without a detailed study of the circumstances, a final decision was made in favor of the scandalous pro-Russian company. – the journalists note.

This forced the defendant in the case to approach the law enforcement authorities to check the connections of the members of the panel of judges with Investohills. In the opinion to the SBR about the commission of a crime, it is said that the actions of the court panel have signs of high treason. Ultimately, as a result of the court decision, the aggressor country receives additional funding for waging war against Ukraine.


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