“Baron Munchausen disgraced”: former FSB colonel Gudkov comments on the myth of Ukrainian “war mosquitoes”

A speech by Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasil Nebenzi, who said that Russian occupiers had found drones in Ukraine to “disperse mosquitoes infected with dangerous viruses”, caused confusion and surprise. It seems that it is difficult to invent such madness and it is unacceptable to spread such myths in the UN. But not only for the Russian Federation. Russian opposition leader, former FSB colonel Gennady Gudkov says that after the “mosquito war” he is afraid to guess what will happen next, because it seems like some kind of fiction.

— Baron Munchausen is ashamed: he stands and smokes nervously on the side, because he could not agree to what Nebendzia was agreeing to, This is what Gennady Gudkov said in an exclusive interview for “FACTS”. — This is the ultimate aerobatics in terms of lying. But the most amazing thing is that Nebenjiya tried to present to the world another 30 pages of nonsense. Thank God, he was quickly bitten there and sent after the Russian ship along with his treatises on “military mosquitoes”. I get it, he didn’t write it, but still…

What can be said is the bottom of madness. However, opponents suggest that this is not the bottom, although very close.

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