Armed forces of Ukraine stretch the front line and prepare to “sober” the occupiers in Donbass, military expert

In the Luhansk region, where last week the Defense Forces repelled enemy attacks in the areas of Makeevka, Nevsky and Bilogorovka settlements, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue to stretch the front in the coming weeks.

He made such a prediction regarding military action in November military expert Roman Svitan in an interview with Natalia Mosiychuk, reports UNIAN.

“The optimal option according to the length of the front line is the stretching of the Russian troops. We are better on the front lines than out. From a military point of view, it is optimal to defeat them on the right bank of the Kherson region (by knocking them out on the right bank or destroying them there), and the second option from the section is to work in the Luhansk region: south of Svatov, break through the front, force the Red River and then go to Luhansk – either through Starobilsk, or, if time permits, then straight on.”the expert claims and adds that the withdrawal of the armed forces of Ukraine to Luhansk will “sober” the Russians in Donbass.

According to Svitan, the configuration of the front will change and the occupiers will have to go beyond Seversky Donets. “Most likely that’s what will be done – stretching the flanks.” Basically, that’s already being done right now.”he added.

The expert also noted that the Defense Force, which strikes with long-range weapons, does not allow the invaders to transfer their troops from flank to flank. Especially when stretched.

“The very arrangement of the front is such that our mobile roads (roads along the front line) are such that we can transfer reserves in a few hours – from Zaporizhia to Donetsk – there are parallel dozen roads on which they are transferred quite successfully. Likewise, from Donetsk to Kramatorsk and further to Liman and Kupyansk are the same roller roads, we can quickly transfer reserves, but they cannot… They have to be transferred from Svatov or Valuek in Russia to Rostov, from Rostov yes started in a big circle… Their logistics are twice ours”Svitan remarked.

Earlier, the military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained why it is profitable for Putin for a country from the “collective West” to officially enter the war – so the master of the Kremlin will have the opportunity to request negotiations with the American President Joe Biden. He is sure that none of the governments of the Western countries will join their armed forces in Russia’s war against Ukraine – this could lead to a world war.

Photo from the page of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on social networks


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