Andrii Melnyk: “What Jean Beleniuk is doing in the NOC presidential election is dirty PR”

Member of the National Olympic Committee, President of the Handball Federation of Ukraine Andrii Melnyk called the events that are happening in Ukrainian sports before the election of a new NOC president nonsense.

“Dirty is poured on the opponent and his work achievements are glossed over. We hear personal insults in public. I mean the behavior of Jean Beleniuk. What it does is dirty PR directed against the competitor. Maybe that’s how it’s done in politics, but in the sports family they’re used to competing and competing by the rules. And let the fight now take place not on the mat or the fencing ring, that changes nothing.” Andriy Melnyk said.

He gave an example of the current president, Serhiy Bubka, who over the years of his work united the sports organizations of Ukraine, the NOC provides assistance to athletes and federations within its capabilities, popularizes sports in Ukraine and represents us in the international Olympic community.

“Sergiy Nazarovich was an outstanding athlete and became a strong manager. The Handball Federation of Ukraine thanks him for his work in the NOC and wishes him success in all future plans. Whoever becomes the new president of NOC, he should not destroy what was created, but develop it. In my opinion, there are two real candidates — Olympic champions Zhan Beleniuk and Vadim Gutsait, who is also the Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. They are in different positions. Zhan – not so long ago he became a deputy, but still more of an athlete, Vadim – also won at the Olympics, but he has come a long way as an organizer, coaches the Ukrainian national team, manages the Koncha-Zaspa Olympic base, headed the sports department of Kyiv, now heads a ministry “he noted.

Andrii Melnyk stressed that it is not pleasant for anyone to see a scandal erupt in the Ukrainian Olympic family, especially when there is a war.

“Jean is talking about the candidates’ debate. In my opinion, the current situation in the country is not the right atmosphere to hold a show. Ukrainian sports should now be especially united and strong. I myself am an athlete in the past, I head the federation, I communicate with other athletes and I have reason to say: all this dirt is only to the detriment of our sport. We are looking forward to the elections and may the one who is ready for this position win, who will be able to qualitatively manage and unite the Olympic sports of Ukraine. In any case, I wish all candidates to improve not only professionally, but also as human qualities. This is what every person should strive for. You can talk a lot, but you need deeds and their results.” he stated.

We remind you, the leader of the Olympic movement of Ukraine will be elected on November 17. Four candidates applied for the position: Vadim Gutsait, Zhan Beleniuk, Igor Malinsky and Olena Bilosiuk. Sergei Bubka, who has led the National Olympic Committee since 2005, will not run for the post.


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