An attempt was made against Trukhin’s associate in Melitopol: what is known

In the temporarily occupied Melitopol, where the so-called “deputy minister of sports of the region” was previously blown up, on the morning of Tuesday, November 15, a new explosion took place. Colleague Dmytro Trukhin, who has lived on Peremogi Boulevard for 30 years, was injured.

This was reported by the “RIA-Melitopol” telegram channel.

Dmytro Trukhin

It is emphasized that the fact of the explosion has already been confirmed by the occupiers. Later it became known that in this way the partisans said “hello” to the traitor and collaborator.

An explosive device was set off in the traitor’s apartment

It is known that after the explosion, the former member of the Municipal Council of Melitopol was taken to the intensive care unit of the city hospital. He was diagnosed with a mine blast injury, closed brain injury and multiple lacerations.

According to Inform.zp, Trukhin is a long-time admirer of the Gauleiter of Melitopol, Balitsky and Danilchenko. He was a deputy in the Melitopol City Council for 3 convocations, where he was elected by the Communist Party and OPZZH.

He participated in illegal “basement” sessions of the municipal council.

In Ukraine, he was the director of KP “Communal Property”. He managed to fail the municipal property, so with the arrival of a new team he was kicked out of his position.

With the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine in 2022, he became a close accomplice of the Gauleiter and the occupiers. He returns to KP “Communal property”, where he deals with illegal distribution of lands and properties. Helped raise funds to finance the pseudo-referendum.

Earlier, the Defense Forces of Ukraine destroyed the headquarters of the occupiers in Melitopol. According to preliminary information, the blast wave in the neighboring building broke the windows up to the 4th floor.

In turn, the enemy deploys military equipment in the residential areas of the city, preparing for its capture by the armed forces.


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