After a week, he had to say goodbye to his beloved: the war took another hero

During the war with the Rashists, the serviceman Vitaly Asten from Vinnytsia died while performing a combat mission. Since 2019, the man has worked as an electrician in city electrical networks. And with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, he went to serve in the armed forces, in the military unit A7338.

“Forever 28… An only son, a brother, a nephew and an uncle, a grandson, a best man, a friend and comrade, a classmate and… a week later, the groom. Can there be more dreams, plans than a young boy who has just turned 28 years old? – dedicated a post on Facebook to the fallen soldier his sister Tetiana Svitailo. – Can there be a greater zest for life when you have just entered university, your sick mother is waiting for you, and the bride is getting ready for your wedding?

I was 7 when he was born. I’m waiting for you from the maternity ward. Here, in the village, we were always together, brother and sister. I carried you in my arms, led you by the hand. I walked you through first grade and you recited poems at my graduation and gave me flowers. And then somehow we moved to Vinnytsia one by one and I stayed with you at night when my aunt was on shift, how much we quarreled and made up…

Tatiana with her brother

You must have grown up very early, watching how hard it was for your mother to manage on her own. I had my wedding day with you, you put on my necklace, you were by my side. The bride’s ransom is also you. You immediately became very friendly with my husband, always kept in touch and often came to our house. You helped us in more ways than one, you were always there, reliable and trustworthy, you took on the hardest things! You came to my son more than once. How generous he was to his nephews. He runs to the village to help the old grandparents with something. You have not been abroad, you have not rested at sea, you have not seen all the beauty and greatness of Ukraine, but without hesitation you went to protect her and us, although you could not go. He had a legal right… But he couldn’t leave. He acted like a real man, forever our Hero! How we all rejoiced when I finally met her, your Darinka. I chose a wedding ring, made an offer, submitted an application to the RAC.

In recent days, the relative of the deceased said, there were only talks about the marriage of a soldier, pre-wedding excitement, and all the relatives were preparing to come unexpectedly to congratulate Vitaly on his legal marriage on the day of painting.

“You gifted me luxury bedding for my wedding and I have also been looking for the best wedding gift for you these days. And now we have all come to you as planned. I’m sorry for everything, forgive me, brother. We saved you in 2014: we searched for you, ambulance, donor blood for you and saved you. This time everything went wrong. Soft-spoken but trustworthy, sincere and kind, you died in the line of duty on October 27th, an insidious racist mine cut short your young life. For mom, you were her whole life. Everything that was done was for you…”

Earlier, “FACTS” reported that during the execution of combat missions in the Donetsk region, a soldier, Alexander Bochevarov, died. He was only 36 years old.

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