“A very false narrative”: the expert explained why Crimea will be liberated only by military means

Crimea, where the occupiers can now prepare sabotage, cannot be returned to Ukraine by diplomatic means, the only way to deoccupy is military action.

A military expert shared this opinion with “Espresso”. Peter Chernyk.

“War is a way of deception. I want to remind you of the brilliant operation in Kharkiv conducted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. An operation that few could foresee and see. It is therefore impossible to predict where the actual focus of the attack and the concentration of forces and means will take place.” – he said.

The specialist also commented on the issue of the de-occupation of Crimea from Ukraine.

“The main strategic goal for Ukraine is the liberation of all temporarily occupied territories. And I do not believe in any diplomatic agreements regarding Crimea as such. In general, there is a very false narrative that diplomats are solving something. Diplomats are only intermediaries between the centers of power and the people who actually make decisions. Crimea can only be liberated by military means.” – added Chernik.

We recall that on September 17, in an interview with Western media, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced the possibility of a scenario in which Ukraine would return Crimea through diplomatic channels.


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