A Russian propagandist died on the Antonovsky bridge in the Kherson region: what is known about him

Russian propagandist Oleg Klokov was killed during the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Antonovsky Bridge and the crossing built next to it.

As written journalist Denis KazanskyKlokov is a former employee of Channel One and RT, who helped the occupation administration establish a propaganda television channel in Kherson.

“And I would work at home in Russia – I would be alive and well.” No need to come to a foreign country with a war, it always ends badly.”Kazansky added.

Russian propagandists claimed that civilians were injured during the shelling, which she commented on The head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine Natalia Gumenyuk.

“The propagandists betray themselves. They don’t even follow the logic of their messages. Yes, we maintain fire control, but I have repeatedly emphasized that we do not strike critical infrastructure to defeat, we do not strike civilian settlements and especially the local population. The fact that civilians cannot be on the bridge at this time is claimed even by the occupiers themselves because it is a curfew and very strict measures are taken against those who violate it.”Humenyuk noted.

She suggested that the occupiers could use civilian clothes, disguising their military affiliation, and take a photo of the alleged shelling of the civilian population. “But it’s not like that. They even forget to cut the tags off the tracksuits.”she added.

And the StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that Klokov is one of the top Russian propagandists, who usually does not “shine in the frame” but deals with organization. And a full-time employee of the Russian special services.

He studied at the Kharkiv Aviation School, but did not graduate, but transferred to the Moscow Military University, where he studied Polish and Arabic. He went through the first and second Chechen wars in the special forces (most likely the GRU), said he was a signalman.

In 2004, as an employee of the First Channel, he was in Kyiv during the Orange Revolution, where he was responsible for housing and financing 13 rosTV camera crews. In the capital of Ukraine, he worked on false documents – he was known as “Misha”.

“And now he appears in Kherson to make the propaganda TV channel “Tavria”. They say “voluntary”. lie! This is not journalism, Klokov appeared in Kherson by order of the military command. Also, what was he doing at the crossing at night with the military? On the example of Klokov, one can be convinced that the special services of Russia control the media sphere both in peacetime and in wartime (most of the warlords are employees of the special services) and therefore all of them should bear the same responsibility as those who run with a machine gun (machine gun) on the territory of Ukraine.the message says.

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Photo from Denis Kazansky’s page


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