A lawyer killed and dismembered his bride near Kyiv: the investigation of the case has been completed

A 37-year-old lawyer from the Obukhovsky district will be tried in the Kyiv region, who is suspected of a terrible crime – the murder with subsequent dismemberment of his own fiancee.

After the man’s arrest, the media called him the “Obukhov butcher”.

As the Kyiv Oblast Police reported on Facebook, parts of the girl’s body were found in an abandoned suitcase in June. The police officers were able to establish the identity of the victim by the items that were also in the luggage.

The same creepy suitcase

It was also established that the body parts of the deceased killer were scattered in garbage cans, and the part was stuffed into a suitcase and taken out into a body of water.

A 37-year-old successful lawyer from the Krasnoyarsk region of the Russian Federation is suspected of committing the crime. During a search at the beginning of July, a tongue, uterus, heart and kidney were found in the refrigerator, which the pervert apparently left “as a memorial” to his beloved.

Apprehension of the suspect

The suspect faces up to 15 years in prison for the crime.

We remind you, earlier “FACTS” wrote about another terrible crime in the Kyiv region – in the village of Belogorodka, an elderly man killed and dismembered the body of his own son with a kitchen knife.


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