Yaroslav the Wise Cup in KVN seems to have been won by the Novgorod Lavrovie team – Novgorod Gazette Veliky Novgorod

Yesterday, after 6 years, KVN returned to Veliky Novgorod – the Yaroslav Wise Cup game was held in the City Palace of Culture. According to the organizers, 12 teams played in it – 6 from Veliky Novgorod and 6 from St. Petersburg.

Funny, but at 12:00 the next day, the official results of the game were still not announced by the organizers. Meanwhile, judging by the photos and records on social networks, the cup for 2nd place went to the St. Petersburg student team RanHub, representing the Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

The alternate winners talked about the event on their VKontakte page.

“More than 1,000 years ago, Novgorod, the beauty and glory of the Russian free people, arose among the oak groves on the banks of the Volkhov. It was built by the ancient Slavs who lived in a communal system, farmed the land together, hunted, fished, did crafts and played KVN. But years passed, they began to forget about KVN, Novgorodians became gloomy, sad, began to listen to Artur Pirozhkov. The capital of Russian literature and culture completely died down.
We learned about it in the lower reaches of the Neva River and began to think about how to save the humor in the city …
It’s time to send a people’s squad to Novgorod – militia team – wounded havan (#RANHAB)
The boys in Novgorod worked for three days and three nights, made the king and the common people laugh, and everyone liked them so much that the city changed – people became more cheerful and kind, trade continued, steam locomotives started, and since then the city began to be called Velikiy .

We add that 6 Novgorod teams of the KVN revival era are as follows:

1. “Blue Manatee” (Novgorod Civil Engineering College)
2. Laurel
3. “Sandal Sale” (NovSU, IIES)
4. “Untitled” (NovGU, INPO)
5. IPHI (NovGU)
6. STK (College of Technology)

And as we managed to learn from our own sources, the Novgorod team Lavrovye was recognized as the owner of the Cup of Yaroslav the Wise.

photo group SHOW Improvisations “The Laurels”

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