With the support of Dostoevsky: the Novgorod campaign “Give books to the stumbling” is launched – Novgorod Gazette Veliky Novgorod

The Dostoevsky theater festival in the Novgorod region has ended, but the charity event continues its work.

The Novgorod Department of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, together with the Ministry of Culture of the Novgorod Region, the regional branch of the Union of Theater Actors of the Russian Federation and the NOTKA agency, launched a charity project “Give books to those who stumble” within the framework of the Theater Festival ” Dostoyevsky”.

Its essence is to collect the right and necessary books for the incarcerated. After all, this is important for prisoners of any age. In correctional institutions, the book serves to improve the spiritual and moral level and can indeed become a close friend, mentor, adviser and even teacher.

The promotion started on November 11, the birthday of the great classic, and will last exactly one month – until December 11. According to the organizers, artistic, legal, religious literature and textbooks are accepted at the Academic Drama Theater at 14 Velikaya Street (service entrance, from Velikaya Street).

What book would you give a prisoner to read?

Meanwhile, the performances of the Dostoevsky theater festival, according to the organizers, were watched by more than 5,000 spectators. “Some of them came purposefully from St. Petersburg and Moscow,” said Vasily Yan, general director of the Novgorod Regional Theater and Concert Agency.

photo of the Ministry of Culture of the Novgorod region

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