With the Patriarchs, Satan again

Devilishly cute - this is for him (Yuriy Kolokolnikov).  Photo: Kinopoisk

Devilishly cute – this is for him (Yuriy Kolokolnikov). Photo: Kinopoisk

“End of the world”

Black comedy

Chertanovo district of Moscow, these days. Satan in the most fashionable scarlet coat (Yuriy Kolokolnikov) and with a small dog in his arms materializes in the apartment of a poor family of a 20-year-old supermarket cashier (Semyon Treskunov) and tells the boy that he is his father. He sinned 20 years ago with his mother (Polina Kutepova). Satan is in trouble: Hell is in disarray, an apocalypse is urgently needed, and his own son must help Satan. A diabolical, so to speak, scoundrel. The cashier is against it, but the circumstances are such that he is forced to help … Only specially sent angels can arrange everything, but their wings are inserted into the corpses with the wrong end.

The plot, which the writers tried to match with the Master and Margarita (Satan, of course, visits the patriarchs), does not shine with meaning. But there is a lot of fun in the series – if you like black humor, of course. At the very beginning, for example, Satan ridiculously takes the lives of two gangsters – they burst like balloons, pouring out copious amounts of blood inside. And showman Vladimir Marconi, in a daring cameo, visualizes the consequences of a common curse. The role of Kolokolnikov suits him very well: his burning acting charm is simply diabolical.

Where to watch: Kinopoisk.


The hero skillfully manipulates the criminals, but he can't help himself (Kiril Pirogov).  Photo: KION

The hero skillfully manipulates the criminals, but he can’t help himself (Kiril Pirogov). Photo: KION

detective drama

Alexander Maksimov works as a consultant in the telephone service for psychological help. He once served as a negotiator in the FSB and was the best in his business. More than once or twice he tamed criminals with a word, saving dozens of lives. But nine years ago he made a mistake – and terrorists blew up the school. Children died, including the daughter of Maksimov himself. In a terrible depression, he left the family – he could not look into the eyes of his wife and son. But fate again forces him to become a negotiator – otherwise people will die again. In addition, he has an overwhelming desire to be close to his son.

The plot is quite traditional (it is after the Mediator), but it will rather please the viewer who is tired of experiments. Kiril Pirogov in the role of Maximov is very good, raising the series much higher than the bar set by the producers and the director.

Where to watch: KION.


Zhenya reluctantly agrees to sleep where the police say (Elizaveta Moryak and Pavel Priluchny).  Photo: Premier

Zhenya reluctantly agrees to sleep where the police say (Elizaveta Moryak and Pavel Priluchny). Photo: Premier

Detective, mystic

The artist Zhenya (Elizaveta Moryak) is happily married, welcomes her husband from work, puts a Turk on a gas stove to make coffee and takes him to the bedroom to make love. The coffee fills the fire, the house fills with gas – the husband dies, the wife miraculously survives. Waking up in the hospital, Zhenya discovers that she sees in a dream the circumstances of the death of people in the rooms where she sleeps. At home every night her husband appears and she sees him die. Her long-time friend Captain Makarov (Pavel Priluchny) devises how to put Zhenya’s misfortune at the service of the law. He drags her to the crime scene and tells her to sleep. The hangers are opened one by one.

Why didn’t the steep stove turn off the gas supply? Why spend the night where a nightmare is guaranteed? If you exclude logic and do not make excessive demands, “Dreams” is not the worst way to spend the evening.

Where to watch: Premier.


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