Weekly “catch” of telephone fraudsters in the Novgorod region amounts to about 5 million rubles – Gazette “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

It’s a million every week. The police warn: every week gullible Novgorodians enrich phone fraudsters!

In the past week, 15 residents of the Novgorod region turned to the police, who, on the instructions of the fraudsters, transferred a total of about 5 million rubles to other people’s bank accounts.

According to the department, the attackers used already classic fraud schemes: they alerted bank card holders to suspected attempts by hackers to write off money, as well as unauthorized loans. Several people have lost money while buying various properties from dubious internet sellers.

Two residents of the region were scalded by the desire to earn easy money from investments. So, a 69-year-old resident of Staraya Russa responded on the Internet to an offer to receive additional income and indicated his mobile phone number. As a result, he transferred 170 thousand rubles to a stranger, hoping that he would increase his capital by playing on the stock exchange. It should be noted that the fraudster later convinced the victim to take a loan to buy a new apartment in the Moscow region. In order to receive the promised loan, under various pretexts, Rushanin had to allocate more than 200 thousand rubles. In addition, the fraudsters called him until there was no money left on the card.

Under similar circumstances, a 51-year-old resident of Borovici district, who does not work anywhere, lost her savings. She transferred more than 200 thousand rubles to unknown people.

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