We are heard. Feedback – Soviet Sakhalin

I must say that the city authorities of South Sakhalin have recently been listening more and more carefully to the opinions of the residents of the regional capital. I judge this by many facts, including the reaction to the publications in “Soviet Sakhalin”, especially the letters.

Pavement is what you need!

Examples? In the summer, residents of South Sakhalin complained about the traffic jams on the section of the street. Sakhalin from “Kinoprokat” stop to “Megaberezka”. City buses stood there for half an hour or more. And what? After the publication, the city administration set aside a separate lane for public transport and the problem was solved. On the same Sakhalinskaya Street, in the same film distribution area at the end of a multi-story building, a drawing of a bird was updated – a little earlier, a reader of Sovetsky Sakhalin requested this.

At the end of September, a sidewalk appeared, encircling the territory of CDG No. 27 in the 9th microdistrict on the northwest side. Previously, residents of nearby houses complained in the oldest regional newspaper that after closing the territory of the kindergarten to the passage of the local population to Mira Boulevard, people were forced to use the passage, clogged with vehicles and impassable in bad weather. When it is dry, the residents used to walk along the path along the fence of the kindergarten, but the weather here, as you know, is often wet.

Now beauty! On the new asphalt pavement, people don’t just walk, they walk.

Nadezhda Toropova, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

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