Valery Limarenko met with mobilized residents of Sakhalin in the zone of special military operations – Soviet Sakhalin

The head of the island region of the Donetsk People’s Republic handed over several more UAZ pickup trucks to the fighters. Each machine is protected by steel sheets.

Soon, machine guns or anti-tank guided missile systems will be mounted on special racks at the rear. Meanwhile, UAZ cars arrived at the front line with peaceful cargo: drinking water, fresh bread, sweets, fruit, hygiene products.

The Sakhalin authorities use various forms of support for the mobilized. Families of residents of the region called to participate in a special military operation receive a regional one-time payment in the amount of 300,000 rubles. They are also assisted in solving various household problems. For example, wives of conscripts are helped to find work closer to home and to renovate their homes.

The regional government, with the support of the business community, purchased clothes, shoes, sleeping bags and hygiene products for the Sakhalin fighters.

– During the Great Patriotic War, people gave all their strength to secure the front. It was a movement of the soul, a vivid display of patriotism. I am glad that even today the residents of the region do not stand aside, they support their compatriots who are defending Russia in the zone of a special military operation. In turn, the regional government will do everything possible to ensure that the mobilized residents of Sakhalin and Kuril are well equipped and do not worry about their families,” Valery Limarenko said.

Earlier, the island’s authorities had already transferred UAZ vehicles equipped to deploy firepower to the special operations zone.

– The machines showed up perfectly in the paint. They allow you to quickly deliver, for example, anti-tank guided missile systems in a threatened direction and hit enemy armored vehicles. Many thanks to the government and residents of Sakhalin and the Kurils for their moral support, for helping our soldiers.

The soldiers understand that the region has not abandoned them,” said Lieutenant General Dmitry Glushenkov, commander of the 68th Army Corps stationed in the island region.

The governor and the commander of the 68th Army Corps presented state awards to Sakhalin residents who distinguished themselves in the HVO area, mostly tankmen and scouts. The congratulations were joined by artists from the Sakhalin Regional Philharmonic. They brought their compatriots a small concert organized on the initiative of the regional executive committee of United Russia.

“It is very important that the soldiers who risk their lives defending our country know that they are loved and supported. For this purpose, we decided to revive the tradition of front-line propaganda teams, to delight the mobilized residents of Sakhalin with performances by artists from the island philharmonic, – said Mikhail Shuvalov, head of the Sakhalin Executive Committee of United Russia.

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