US call for talks with Russia is just a ‘smokescreen’: former Pentagon official reveals Washington’s real plan

Sullivan allegedly tried to convince Zelensky of the need to send a signal of readiness to resolve the conflict

Sullivan allegedly tried to convince Zelensky of the need to send a signal of readiness to resolve the conflict

Photo: Reuters

The theme of the need to resolve the Ukrainian crisis through negotiations rather than fighting has been clearly outlined in recent days in statements by Western politicians and media publications.

It began with a week-long “secret” visit to Kyiv by President Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan. He is said to have tried to convince Zelensky of the need to send a signal of readiness to resolve the conflict with Russia. And the leader of Ukraine a few days later in an interview with CNN said that he did not refuse negotiations. True, there are five conditions before them, among which there was not even a request for a preliminary change of power in the Kremlin. After all, earlier the Ukrainian president forbade himself by decree to conduct any negotiations with President Putin.

But the declared conditions left no doubt: the only thing Kyiv was ready for was to accept Moscow’s unconditional capitulation. But at the same time, formally, of course, he has nothing against negotiations. True, Zelensky’s advisor Podolyak explained that Putin is unlikely to capitulate, so you have to wait …

But the topic of negotiations, as happens in politics, “unexpectedly” received a continuation, sometimes quite boldly. Belgian senator Alain Detex in an interview with a French publication went the furthest: “In the interest of Europe and Europeans, we must abandon Zelensky’s hard line, agree with Russia on the division of Ukraine and remove sanctions – this is the way to salvation.” Other European politicians were not so radical, but to some extent many people spoke in favor of a diplomatic search for a way out of the conflict in Ukraine. Let’s not forget that a few months ago they openly called as the EU’s chief diplomat, Josep Borrell, to defeat Russia “on the battlefield”.

But the current outburst of peace-keeping wishes is apparently just a propaganda veil, behind which no real negotiations can be seen for now. The American president outlined his position as follows: the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine is possible only after the withdrawal of Russian troops. Biden told reporters on his way to Andrews Air Force Base, putting to rest the issue of alleged disagreements within his administration over whether to seek compromise in the Ukraine crisis or push through. What was heard in the Kremlin. At a briefing today, Russian President Dmitry Peskov’s spokesman said: “Peace talks, as we know, are impossible due to the position taken by the Ukrainian side.”

The impossibility of negotiations with the Zelensky regime is obvious to some impartial politicians in the West.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said at the end of October that the Ukrainian-Russian talks, based on which the war would end, were an illusion. According to him, an “American-Russian discussion” should be held. But Washington is clearly not ready for that. Biden muttered something in his slurred style that he couldn’t “for Ukraine without Ukraine.” And yesterday, the head of the press service of the State Department, Ned Price, according to TASS, clarified the position of the United States: “Russia bears the responsibility to demonstrate not only in words, but also in deeds, that it is ready for negotiations, which the world clearly heard from Ukraine.” That is, Moscow must announce: I am guilty, I am withdrawing all troops and I will pay as much as I have to… That is what we talked about.

And so that there is absolutely no doubt, the official representative of the US National Security Council Adrien Watson yesterday explained the essence of the contacts with the Russian partners that became known in recent days: the negotiations between the Russian Federation and the United States are aimed at reducing the risks in the relationship between the countries, but Ukraine issues are not discussed.

So we have to agree with those who, like the former adviser to the head of the Pentagon, Colonel Douglas McGregor, believe that Ukraine, in agreement with the United States, has expressly set unacceptable for Russia conditions for negotiations in order to “kill” the possibility of peaceful settlement of the conflict. At the same time, Washington will blame Moscow for not starting negotiations because of it, it is so intractable. And if so, then there is simply no other way out than to continue pumping weapons to Kyiv …


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