Under the system of gross contracts. Public transport reform continues in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Soviet Sakhalin

On November 1, the city administration completed the transfer of municipal routes to the system of gross contracts. It is designed to improve the quality of services provided and make transportation more comfortable for passengers.

Gross contracts are a system that allows you to evaluate the work of transport organizations according to a number of criteria. The operating principle of gross contracts is as follows: the fare received by the carrier from the passengers is sent to the city budget. After that, the transport organization receives money for high-quality work performed in accordance with the contract, including compliance with the schedule, absence of violations of traffic rules, etc.

According to AD “Transport Company”, a large part of the routes served by the company have already switched to gross contracts. At the latest, the updated transport system included routes connecting the city with the planning areas. These are routes No. 3, 81, 10, 71. When launching a new traffic model, the wishes of citizens were taken into account: the schedule was revised and the operation of transport was extended in the evening. So, earlier routes #3 and #81 completed the last flights to the street. Border. Now the residents of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk have the opportunity to get from the city center to the planning zones later.

– In general, we are going according to plan. Before the beginning of the transport reform, specialists made serious preparations. In August, a single city operator was launched. On October 15, a transport hub began to operate: passengers were given the opportunity to transfer for free with a transport card. In November, all route transports switched to gross contracts. Now we are waiting for the most significant event in the field of public transport – the renewal of the rolling stock, – said Alexander Popov, deputy director of the “Road Facilities and Public Works” department.

The last stage of the reform will be the purchase of new buses from the municipality. Next year, the city’s fleet will be filled with 147 units: 24 large-class buses and 123 medium-class buses. The vehicles will replace the small buses on the most popular routes, as well as on the directions to the planning districts of Lugovoe, Novoaleksandrovsk, Khomutovo and the village. Further on. In addition, they will be equipped for residents with disabilities, including contactless payment of the ticket.

The transport reform started in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on August 15. All solutions are aimed at improving public transport and increasing passenger comfort. The implementation of the activities is carried out under the personal control of the mayor of the city Sergey Nadsadin.

A section of the city administration’s website is dedicated to the transport reform, which contains up-to-date information on the changes.


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