Two stray dogs caught in Murmansk

In Murmansk, trappers from the Center for temporary detention of animals and another contracting organization, LLC Atlant, caught two stray dogs in one day and released three chipped ones.

A total of 355 animals have already been caught. At the same time, the unified dispatch service continues to receive applications from citizens indicating the location of stray and aggressive animals. One such application is received per day.

We remind you that healthy and non-aggressive dogs are sterilized, vaccinated and labeled. They are then returned to the street. Aggressive quadrupeds are raised in a shelter. Residents of Murmansk can report the attack or the location of stray animals in EDDS on phones: 051 and 400-640 (for calls from mobile phones).

Northerners who wish to apply should prepare information to help trappers. Grounds for catching a sterilized neglected animal with permanent marks indicating aggressiveness is an application containing the following information: surname, first name, patronymic of the applicant, telephone number, individual characteristics of the animal that allow to determine (size, color, features ), location of the animal, signs of manifestation of unmotivated aggression by these animals.


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