Two games – one point – Soviet Sakhalin

In the Russian football championship among the teams of the second league of group 3.1, Sakhalin played two matches at home.

On October 30, the islanders played Sakhalinets Moscow, who took third place in the standings. In the first half, the hosts created many dangerous situations in front of the opponent’s goal and played well in defense. The teams went into the break at 0:0. After the break, dramatic changes occurred. Muscovites received instructions from the head coach and entered the field loaded with attacks. As a result, three goals flew almost consecutively into the doors of Alexander Kim. The Sakhalin team failed to score a prestige goal. The final result is 0:3, reported the press service of FC Sakhalin.

November 5 “Sakhalin” played with “Dynamo-Bryansk”, the leader in the ranking.

Due to the huge difference in positions (our club is an outsider in the subgroup), in general the fans of the Island did not have expectations and hopes. But the people of Sakhalin managed to surprise. The first half was, one might say, even. The teams went into the break at 0:0.

The second forty-five minutes became much “hotter”. The referee did not have time to get “mustard” for rough play. The team from Bryansk tried to get to Alexander Khoroshilov’s goal and several times scored a direct free kick, but the visitors were unable to change the numbers on the scoreboard. Just like the islanders. The result is 0:0.

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