This weekend a cyclone will come to the Sakhalin region – Soviet Sakhalin

It is desirable that summer residents finish the agricultural work on Saturday, later it will not depend on them.
At night and in the first half of the day on November 12, a wave cyclone will come to the Sakhalin latitudes from the Amur Region and Khabarovsk Territory. Meteorologists give this name to atmospheric funnels that form when cold and warm fronts collide. They are often short-lived, quickly ceasing to exist.

As they assured in the regional department of the hydrometeorological service, in our case we are talking about exactly such air turbulence. It will not affect the central and northern part of the island, it will quickly move to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and dissolve.

In the south, the visit of the cyclone will result in light and moderate precipitation in the form of rain. The air temperature at night will remain within -2…+3 degrees, during the day +4…+9 degrees. In the afternoon, the weather returned to normal for a short time.

And as early as Sunday evening, a much more powerful cyclone is expected to visit from the Sea of ​​Japan. It will connect the southern regions of Sakhalin with its northern periphery. Precipitation is expected here – intense, 15-29 mm in 12 hours, and in places very intense – 30 mm and more in the same period.

First in the form of rain, and later in the form of sleet that sticks to pedestrians, cars and engineering equipment. The wind will increase, along the coast its gusts will reach up to 20 meters per second. It will get noticeably colder.

The storm will continue the next day. On the night of Monday, November 14, the cyclone will move to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, where it will “drop anchor” until the middle of next week. At the same time, he will “switch attention” from Sakhalin, where the atmospheric pressure will gradually increase, to the Kuril Islands, where meteorologists predict precipitation, stormy winds and a frequent change of heat and cold waves. All this will happen in the next working week, and the “culprit” will be the deepest cyclone in the Sea of ​​Japan.

In the northern part of Sakhalin, a field of high atmospheric pressure will prevail during the weekend, without significant precipitation. At night, the air temperature will be maintained within -10…-15 degrees, during the day -3…+2 degrees.

Vladimir SLAVIN.

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