There are fewer dark spots on the map of Murmansk

Recently, new lighting poles were installed in the section from Radishteva Street to the Military Cemetery of 1918-1919.

– Before that, there was a big problem with the lighting – said the head of the administration of the city of Murmansk Yuriy Serdechkin. – The place is unusual: in addition to the businesses, which are very close, there is also a cemetery of British soldiers. We continue to maintain both the facility itself and the entrance to it. And now they did the lighting.

17 poles for outdoor lighting have been installed on the site. In total, in 2022, a total of 270 such pillars and 757 lamps will appear in the city. In order to increase the level of illumination of city highways, work on 13 sections of the street and road network has already been completed.

“This year, we significantly increased the pace of work, installed five times more new modern lamps,” said Yuri Serdechkin. – The volume of work on replacing poles for outdoor lighting increased two and a half times. I think that next year we will speed up even more, since this is not only a matter of comfort, but also of the safety of our citizens.

City lighting is installed both on highways and in yards. All lanterns are connected to one cascade system. This allows you to automatically turn on and off outdoor lighting in the city, as well as constantly monitor the operation of the system.


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