The vocal teacher rated the hits of autumn: “Lorak has a one-day song, and the bright SHAMAN sang pop rock, inspiring to win”

A new and already big star in today's scene SHAMAN

A new and already big star in today’s scene SHAMAN


This fall, the music charts and charts were updated. Many new songs by big and rising stars have been released. Whether the artists’ fans will remember at least a number of these compositions in a year – time will tell. In the meantime, we understand the secret to the success of new hits.

The most discussed novelties of this month for KP.RU were heard by vocal teacher, sound producer Yulia Taravkova.

Vocal teacher, sound producer Julia Taravkova

Vocal teacher, sound producer Julia Taravkova

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Ani Lorak – “Labyrinth”

This week, Ani Lorak released a new song – the singer reminded of herself before the start of sales at New Year’s corporate parties and wildlife reserves. As you know, a bright hit increases the chances of breaking into private parties, which are few.

Expert: “The arrangement seems a bit cheap because of the dated sounds. The sounds of the duduk are initially too artificial and very computer generated, the live sound would be much richer. The range is slightly less than an octave, the harmony of the song itself is primitive, as are the lyrics. “On the edge – I forget … it hurts – the labyrinth” – very trite. Lorak’s own voice and timbre are very bright and rich, as is the range, but it is not revealed in this song. There are a lot of words, a lot of water, can’t even remember what he’s singing about, except for the word “labyrinth”. A vague one-day song.

Ani Lorak's autumn tour in Europe failed, and she immediately released a new song - she expects to reach New Year's corporate parties

Ani Lorak’s autumn tour in Europe failed, and she immediately released a new song – she expects to reach New Year’s corporate parties

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DJ Smash, Nivesta – “Call”

This music by DJ Smash is at the top of Yandex Music in October. Inspired by the song “Call me, call me” from the 1981 movie Carnival.

Expert: “The first line and the first chords of the song were inspired by the Soviet hit from the movie “Carnival” – “Call me, call.” I can’t call it a cover of an old hit, because only a small note of it remains – a musical melody and the line “call me, call”. The lyrics “they say time heals, but campaigning spoils the liver” was very reminiscent of a line from Banderos’ song “Adyes” – “they say time heals, but campaigning must cure the liver.” This is pure plagiarism. The arrangement is very modern and pumping – it’s club music, dance music, without any super range, technical vocals. Therefore, the singer sang appropriately – in the way of the younger generation. It is a wonderful collaboration of two generations and eras: Soviet and modern. A very unusual hit and fresh!”

SHAMAN – “Challenge”

A new and already big star on today’s scene, SHAMAN has been touring the country with success leading up to the release of his new track. The musician wrote this song for the soundtrack of the TV show “Challenge” of the same name.

Expert: “The song wakes up with the first chords and an incredibly flying vocal at the beginning. SHAMAN sings almost the entire song in a very high register for a man, free voice, bright manner. Rhythmic vocals that have an energy that charges! The position of the sound is very close, it can be heard that the vocalist has studied folk vocals, but there is not enough power at the top, and there is still an overtone on the chest. The voice is very mobile and plastic. The lyrics of the song are creative, inspiring to win, the harmony and chords – everything fits the message. Positive, life-affirming pop-rock.

SHAMAN is successfully touring the country and releasing new songs

SHAMAN is successfully touring the country and releasing new songs

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Anna Asti – “Night in the Kitchen”

The singer Anna Asti, inspired by the success of her first solo album, released a new track. But for some reason it is so similar to everything that has already been …

Expert: “The range of the song is a little over an octave. Harmony immediately remembers all the songs from the previous duet. By the sound of the arrangement – aggressive, by the beat, by the theme of the song (again exploiting the image of a suffering lonely woman) – it sounds like a worn out record that they forgot to change. The only peculiarity at the end of the song can be considered an almost a cappella chorus, with the effect of a chewed sound on the words “day, night, day”. The performance is absolutely stamped, not a single new vivid emotion and intonation. Anna Asti became a copy of herself – nothing new. The only thing that catches is the verbal image “Night in the kitchen”. As well as the verbal image “Bar”. You immediately picture the pictures, the emphasis in this song is on imagery.

100AGE – “Close”

Rap artist and songwriter 100AGE with his song “Close” on the VKontakte music chart.

Expert: “A very charismatic performer, the track is full of energy and a message with meaning. Absolutely not banal rap, it is felt that the author experimented with genres and with the presentation of the text and in general turned out to be “not from the street” in rap. These are no longer rattles such as “cars, trunks, grandmothers…”, here there is already a deeper philosophical thinking about human passions and vices. The presentation of the text is very dynamic, literally every two sentences a new intonation and manner. There’s a lot of double vocals on the record, which at times feels like a singing crowd and a church choir at the same time. Bright, imaginative and creative. A sense of the birth of a new star.


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