The veteran of the Murmansk Shipyard celebrates 95 years

After the Great Victory and service in the Black Sea Fleet, the twenty-year-old military sailor hastened to return to Murmansk – to the beautiful Nina, whom he once met by chance during a transfer at the station during his vacation. Feelings have not cooled down and have become the basis for a cozy family

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At first, a young couple rented a corner in a house on Belomorskaya Street, which later became known as Karl Marx. There were not enough square meters, and the young husband solved the housing issue quickly and boldly.

– At work, after my letter to Moscow, we were given a room in a two-story building on Petushinka (the area from the Kola Bay to Zhilstroy) – the veteran recalls. – These wooden houses were built by captured foreigners, inside there was a fireplace, a communal kitchen. When Nina and I arrived at Podgornaya Street to see the new apartment, it turned out that our room was spontaneously

inhabited by two girls. In those years, the issue of housing was solved in the best way, some dug dugouts or made wooden huts. And the young ladies decided to live informally in our room while it was free. Of course they had to go.

In the new home, the Boltinskis have two daughters – Nadezhda and Elena. The youngest still remembers her childhood with nostalgia, when they lived very friendly with their neighbors, celebrated holidays with the whole house, children walked around the shipyard, adults went fishing.

Trips to the Northern Lights cinema with the whole family remained in my memory forever. I especially remember the film “Wedding in Malinovka” on a ticket for ten kopecks.

A few years later, the Boltinsky family moved to their apartment at 21 Chumbarova-Luchinsky Street. The parents worked hard, the girls studied. A wonderful family tradition was born – skiing on Lake Semenovskoe and in the area of ​​the modern Chakane monument.

New generations

All the details are well preserved in the memory of Innokenty Aleksandrovich: the post-war life of Murmansk, the rapid development of the city, construction projects in the 1970s-1980s, the emergence of the East microdistrict and the new buildings in southern Pervomaika. But the most beloved in Murmansk are the area of ​​the native shipyard, to which he devoted his entire career and even ten years of retirement, and the green area near the Waiting.

Years later, ski trips to Semechka were replaced by walks in the park. Innokenty Alexandrovich devotes his morning time to them every day with his daughter Elena. He is still strong-minded, disciplined and unchanged in his decision to stay in his hometown. As before, he likes to joke and reminisce about the past, especially with friends from the Murmansk City Veterans Community Organization

war and military service. New young families gathered around Innokenty Alexandrovich, together with their granddaughters and great-grandchildren, who very carefully take care of him and his


“We only once, about five years ago, turned to a deputy for help,” says daughter Elena Boltinskaya. – Dad is a veteran, awarded the Order of the Great Patriotic War of the second degree and medals. And we had a question about organizing his holiday in a sanatorium, repairing the house. We were lucky, Andrey Vasilievich Chernev then listened to us and the problem was quickly solved.


Photo from the archive of the Boltinsky family.


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