The representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense answered 10 questions about the salaries of the mobilized

Sverdlovsk region.  Those called up from the reserve during partial mobilization undergo fire training at the shooting range.

Sverdlovsk region. Those called up from the reserve during partial mobilization undergo fire training at the shooting range.

Photo: Alexey BULATOV

The representative of the financial block of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Sergey Mikishchenko, revealed the norms of the monetary support of the mobilized citizens. He answered the most frequently asked questions of military personnel.

1. The minimum amount that military personnel called up as part of the partial mobilization will receive will be 195 thousand rubles. This amount consists of the monthly social payment and the monetary compensation of the serviceman, which depends primarily on the salary for the military position held by the serviceman, the salary for the military rank and the length of service. So, an ordinary officer with a motorized rifle will receive a minimum of 195 thousand rubles.

2. The minimum amount of 195 thousand rubles will be received by those who served from October 1 to 31. If the serviceman served not 31 days, but, for example, 20 days, then the amount of the accrued cash allowance will be less, in proportion to the period served in October.

3. Funds for servicemen called up as part of partial mobilization are credited to a bank card from the 10th to the 20th of each month for the previous month of military service. That is, military personnel who served from October 1 to October 31 will receive a cash allowance from November 10 to November 20.

4. If a serviceman, for example, a sergeant or a sergeant, or an officer, he, of course, depending on the military rank, as well as the military position, whether he is the commander of a division, platoon or company, he will have, accordingly, this amount will be more.

For example, a platoon commander will receive about 225,000 rubles, and a battalion commander will receive about 243,000 rubles.

5. All documents for the calculation of cash allowances for military personnel have been prepared, payments have been made. This month, the financial aid will begin to be paid ahead of schedule, as early as November 8.

6. The monetary compensation of the serviceman is certified on his current account, which the serviceman has presented. At the request of a serviceman, the cash allowance can be transferred to his relatives, for this the serviceman must issue a power of attorney. In addition, there is the possibility of issuing an additional bank card linked to the same current account that the serviceman previously provided. But the serviceman makes this decision himself and prepares an additional bank card himself.

7. The monetary compensation of a serviceman called up for partial mobilization is subject to income tax in the same way as for all servicemen on contract military service. The social payment established by the President of Russia in the amount of 158 thousand rubles is not subject to income tax.

According to the example of a soldier with the rank of private, called up as part of the partial mobilization for the position of motorized rifleman, of the 195 thousand rubles owed to him – 158 thousand will not be taxed, and the remaining 37 thousand will be taxed at a total income of 13%. If we talk about the monetary compensation of a platoon commander with the rank of lieutenant, which will be about 225 thousand rubles, then the social payment in the amount of 158 thousand rubles is not subject to tax and about 68 thousand rubles for rank, position of platoon leader and length of service is taxed at 13%.

8. Additional payments to the cash allowance for servicemen called up for mobilization are established, as for all servicemen, in accordance with Order No. 727 of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation of 2019. According to it, it can be established:

monthly allowance for special conditions of military service; monthly bonus for special achievements.

9. By decree of the President of the Russian Federation, it is determined that as of September 21, 2022, all military personnel who are on active duty and have entered into a military service contract for a period of one year or more and citizens called up as part of the mobilization , who have also entered into a military service contract for a period of one year or more, will be charged a one-time cash payment in the amount of 195.0 thousand rubles.

10. After concluding a military service contract, a one-time cash payment of 195,000 rubles is made. In addition, they will receive cash benefits with corresponding allowances, like all military personnel on contract military service, depending on the tasks performed.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the government until December 1 to prepare proposals regarding the organization of the process of issuing personal certificates for tourist trips to the families of military personnel participating in the special operation. The Cabinet of Ministers will have to submit proposals to finalize the rules for granting subsidies from the federal budget for tourist trips “to stimulate the development of individual tourist routes.”

Appropriate funds should be made in 2023-2025.


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