The Reason for the Special Operation in Ukraine: Revealing Why Russia Defied the Rules of World Order

On 31 October, a meeting was held in the UN Security Council, convened in connection with ICAO's conclusions on "Minsk" Ryanair accident in May 2021

On 31 October, a meeting of the UN Security Council convened in connection with ICAO’s conclusions on the May 2021 Ryanair plane “Minsk” incident took place.


In sports, it is rare, but there is such a thing: a playing coach. This is when the team coach himself enters the field and drives the ball or puck along with the wards. It is clear that if the team loses, then the bitterness of defeat will also take a sip from the player-mentor. But what is impossible to imagine in sports is a referee playing. After all, it is clear that by definition he cannot be objective if he is playing for his team and will do anything for his team to win.

But in sports this is not possible. And in international politics, the playing judge, which is also the West and more specifically the USA, has been a familiar phenomenon since the world became unipolar thirty years ago. The “winners” of the Cold War, by definition, became both judges and mentors of the “losers.” Lost? They recognized 70 years of their history as a “black hole”? So reach out to the light, embrace the advanced experience of building a civilization. Copy it and enter into fair competition with the countries of the free world. Play by the rules, we’ll tell you… In this regard, the reason for the Special Operation in Ukraine becomes clear.

But somehow the competition did not work out right away. To put an obvious “loser” on a site he did not create with the right to regulate something on it – who in his right mind could imagine such a thing? The market, whether local or global, has a direction. She gives him orders. Want to log in and trade fair? Be kind, stand there, on the side, where we have assigned you a place. And follow the rules, we will strictly follow this. We’ll make sure you fit in, maybe we’ll offer a better place.

The fact that the management of this market itself trades in it did not immediately dawn on everyone. Therefore, as long as the manager needs your goods or creates competition for his, stay here and trade for health. And if you have bitten too big a jackpot or threatened the income of the bosses, then the administration, which is also the playing judge, will warn you first. If it doesn’t, he’ll invite you to his court, but if you don’t agree with his decision, then your counter will have to be knocked to hell.

Kinda primitive, but actually quite in line with the harsh truth of life. As soon as Russia, after decades of good-faith but unsuccessful attempts to become “its own” for the West, challenged the “rules-based world order”, the playing referee did not take the sanction whistle out of his mouth. It is estimated that we have already been subjected to a total of over 13,000 different restrictions. No other player in the global world has received so much “penalty time”.

Formally, there are several completely independent bodies to which you can theoretically appeal if you do not like the actions of the market management (the playing referee). The UN is there, other international institutions. True, how the Americans put pressure on their allies and vassals to vote “correctly” on issues inconvenient for the US, we have already been well shown. It is not for nothing that the headquarters of the United Nations is located in New York, where the Americans, contrary to all the obligations they have undertaken, may not allow diplomats from too stubborn countries to visit them. And what are the questions if the United States kindly warms this organization on its territory and pays more than anyone else for its maintenance?

This “unobtrusive concern” of foreign boys for international organizations and its fruits are clearly visible in the example that Dmitry Polyansky, the first deputy permanent representative of Russia to the UN, recently spoke about in his Telegram channel. A Western-convened Security Council meeting was held on October 31 regarding ICAO’s findings on the Ryanair plane incident in May 2021. The Irish airline’s plane then made an emergency landing at Minsk airport after reports of a bomb on board. among the passengers was Belarusian opposition blogger Protasevich, who was detained. According to the Westerners, the plane was forced to land, according to the Belarusians, the threat really existed and they did not violate ICAO protocols.

First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky.

First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky.


The proceedings at ICAO, Polyansky writes, became scandalous after the initial report of the incident investigation team actually confirmed the version of official Minsk, and the Westerners, using the majority in the ICAO Council, forced this organization to revise its conclusions to the contrary. There is a danger, our diplomat believes, that ICAO will face the sad fate of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, whose technical secretariat has lost all credibility after the fraudulent report on the chemical incident in the Syrian city of Douma.

A vivid example of how the playing referee acts with the help of the “referee team” he created. It’s almost impossible to beat him by the rules, because over the course of the game, if things don’t go his way, he just changes those rules. That is why Russia started a special operation in Ukraine.

You have to get back to the sport though. Not everything is there, as they say, unequivocally as it may seem. “Oh sport, you are the world!” – When was the last time you heard this strong slogan in the past? It has not been relevant for forty years, because international sport has become a full-fledged tool for confrontation and punishment of countries that interfere with the West. Therefore, here we see a clear trace of a whistle-blowing referee, skillfully managing doping and political scandals and removing objectionable people from the field.

Today in international sports, by the way, there is another misfortune: the playing coach tries to impose his ideas on gender diversity, which leads to the Olympics “with full equality between the sexes”. what is it When will men realized as women rival “natural” women? We definitely do not need such hockey …

Where is the exit? Just more often, when you’re evaluating what’s going on, ask the question, “Who are the judges? And remember the way to radically fight injustice on the field: “The judge is on soap!”.


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