The People’s Aid Fund delivered another load to the front line

This time, 300 bottles of liquefied gas were sent to the boys who are in the special military operation zone. It is needed to charge gas burners on which food can be heated in military field conditions. This need was again reported to the chairman of the board of the People’s Aid Fund “Murmansk residents do not abandon their own”, the deputy chairman of the Murmansk regional duma, the deputy head of the public organization “Murmansk – a hero city” Mikhail Belosheev, again informed by the commanders of our compatriots fighting in Donbas. Yesterday, the cargo was unloaded with the joint efforts of the editorial staff of “Vecherka”.

– The peculiarity of the work of our fund is not only the public assistance from the residents of Murmansk, but also the guidance, the direct contact with those for whom the fund was created, that is, with our boys in the HVO zone, – emphasized Mikhail Viktorovich. “They are on the front line, they don’t ask for anything extra, they just modestly report the essentials, things that could make their service a little easier.” So, we have already given them several dozen shovels, boxes of wet wipes, thirty pairs of slippers – these are necessary for the wounded when sent to the hospital. In early November we were informed of the need for LPG cylinders. Our fund immediately purchased them and yesterday we sent them to our Marines. We will soon deliver ten stoves.

– When a special military operation began, the residents of the city very often asked how they could help our soldiers – said Andrey Sisoev, deputy chairman of the Council of Deputies of the city of Murmansk. – Thanks to the initiative of Vecherka journalists, we have a special “People’s Aid” fund, which unites the caring residents of Murmansk and gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to a good cause, to support our boys in Donbass. In just a month and a half of work, the fund received almost 700 thousand rubles from the residents of Murmansk.

Voluntary donations have been and are being made by caring northerners, veterans’ representatives, community organizations, private entrepreneurs and, of course, City Council members. Andrey Sisoev, by the way, after learning about the Vecherka initiative and the creation of the fund, was the first to transfer a significant amount there – his monthly salary.

Our fighters receive not only material aid. Recently, together with our humanitarian cargo, letters from students of the Murmansk Cadet School were delivered to the front line.

“The news from home is a great happiness,” summed up Andrey Sisoev. – Although I served in peacetime, I looked forward to every letter like a holiday, reread it and kept it. I am sure that sincere, touching words of support for our children, their drawings, poems are extremely important for the boys in Donbass. We thank everyone who does not remain indifferent, who supports the work of the People’s Aid Fund! Residents of Murmansk do not leave their own!


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