The myth of the evil male tear: what is neurography and why is it necessary

Murmansk writer and experienced English teacher Yulia Borovikova radically changed her life after mysterious drawings that help open the resources of the human subconscious, remove internal limitations. She learned about neurographics while visiting a specialist in this field, Marina Richikhina.

stream of thought

“Neurography changed my life too,” says Marina, a native of Murmansk. – When I found out about her, I was on maternity leave with my third child. I am a very sociable person, I have worked in sales. But after the birth of my third child, I felt that I wanted to be more mobile, work at a time convenient for me, build my own schedule and bring beauty to people. I tried online neurographic courses and fell in love with this method. She was trained by her author Pavel Mikhaylovich Piskarev in 2020. She started painting for herself, then began to attract friends and acquaintances. Gradually, people started contacting me who wanted to understand each other. And so neurographics became my new job.

The new technique is related to human thoughts. According to Marina, it is impossible to stop the mental flow because it is a conscious part of thinking. Neurography helps to “mute” it a little, distract and transfer the flow of thoughts in another direction by adding colors. Thus, change emotions, turn on the subconscious, remove limitations accumulated over the years and find answers to exciting questions. This is how one’s condition changes for the better, one includes an additional resource to sustain oneself.

positive creativity

Practice shows that after a neurography session, sensations always change from “minus” to “plus”.

“When you come to Marina, you feel safe,” says Natalia Mogilevskaya from Murmansk about her feelings and results. – While I’m painting, it feels like all the attention of the world is now focused on me. And Marina protects from everything else so that I can focus on myself. Neuroscience is exciting. And when Marina starts asking the right questions, you don’t want to run away from them, you want to solve them here and now. It’s more than just “painting”. This is deep work on yourself. And Marina is a guide in the world of answers.

According to Natalia, in whatever mood she began to make the first scribbles on a clean sheet, as a result, she always left with a sense of balance and answers to her questions.

There is nothing magical about the technique. It is based on working with the subconscious.

“You can draw everything that happens to a person,” says instructor Marina Richikhina. – And for this there is a language that is understandable to the brain, in the process new neural connections are formed. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are expressed through the process known to us since childhood – drawing. Neurography helps to clearly understand them. As a result, beliefs are transformed, the perception of the problem and the attitude towards it change. By “drawing thoughts” we find new solutions, ways and possibilities of action. We can say that neurographics is the door to the desired reality. Definitely an easy way to support yourself, your projects and desires in life.

180 degree shift

And for Julia Borovikova, the effect of the classes was drastic. A woman from Murmansk came with her request: to write a valuable book about herself, about her disease related to hair loss. Again and again she “draws” her thoughts and emotions, searches for answers, experiences her feelings on paper. As a result, the girl radically changed her image and activity. The usual image of an elegant lady is replaced by a modern image of a bright woman with stylish tattoos: a cheetah on the back of her head and a crow behind her ear.

“I realized that I was limiting myself,” says Yulia. – And after completing the course, I firmly decided to remove from life everything that is irrelevant, that stumbles and fetters me. I stopped hiding behind the wig I had been wearing for five years and accepted it. Now I have a completely different strategy for development in life. I am healthy and happy, I do yoga. And very passionate about new activities. I learned that you can’t lie in neurographics.

A year later, after a series of meetings with neurographers, the woman from Murmansk added guests to her foreign language students for reiki sessions, that is, a type of alternative medicine that uses the technique of “healing by touching the hands.” And also plans to create a women’s club “Live”.

Immersion in painting

Each person has many social roles that keep them in tension during the day. Neurography helps to have an honest dialogue with oneself, not to hide internal problems and traumas.

“Emotional tension and stress, if you don’t give them an outlet, remain in the body like muscle blocks,” explains Marina in detail. – While painting, guests answer their own questions honestly, acknowledge problems that aren’t immediately apparent, and let them go. There is relaxation. Not only women come to Marina Richikhina to study neurography. For men, such sessions are even more beneficial, given the stereotypical assessment of their “stingy tear”.

“Women and men initially know how to feel everything,” says Marina. – Feel it all, genderless. Therefore, both men and women look at neurographics with interest, immerse themselves in the drawing with the same passion. And they are happy to discover many new things about themselves.

Marina considers the sincere desire of the visitor to understand himself and help as the main condition for a successful session. Because women’s attempts to unexpectedly and forcibly introduce their men to neurographics usually do not end well.

Marina is always helping to find a resource for guests, including walks around her hometown.

“I was born and raised in Murmansk,” she says. – I love my city and my land infinitely, I adore nature. I believe that here nature is the strongest, rich in gifts and helps people to live, filling them with strength. I love the water, the coasts, the hills, the forests and the tundra. I always try to visit our new wonderful embankments – on Lake Semenovskoe, in Kola. It is a real pleasure, an active holiday for children and quiet walks for parents.


Photo from the personal archive of Marina Richikhina and Yulia Borovikova.


Neurography is a relatively young method of working with the human subconscious, the author of which is the Russian artist, psychologist and business coach Pavel Mikhailovich Piskarev.

According to the author’s idea, the participants should transfer their thoughts, feelings and emotions to a piece of paper, expressing them in specific geometric shapes.


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