The latest news on the situation in and around Ukraine on November 5, 2022: Zelensky has a flare-up, Biden’s aide in Kyiv received an order, Musk’s satellites stopped working in Ukraine

Zelensky refused to go to the G-20 meeting

Zelensky refused to go to the G-20 meeting

Photo: Reuters


The President (for now) of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has had critical days. And this has been expressed in his statements over the past 2 days. He first announced that he would not go to the G20 meeting if Russian President Vladimir Putin was there. So he said: “Me and Ukraine…” Apparently, the transformation into the “sun king”, who said that the country is him, is completely over. But Ukraine has nothing to do with the G20, the Foreign Ministry of Independence worked intensively for several months to invite Zelensky there. And not to play the piano as a participant in the cultural program, but as an ordinary guest. And when the goal seemed to be achieved, Zelya slipped.

And literally on Friday, Zelensky decided to teach Brussels. But not like NATO, but rather like the EU. Most recently, Zelensky was awarded the Sakharov Prize for “freedom of speech.” And this Friday he issued that if anyone in Brussels cares about the banning of opposition parties in Ukraine, they…

– What parties were banned in Ukraine? Do you mean the Russian parties? This is what Zelensky told Spanish journalists. – If someone in Brussels is worried about them, let them find a place for these parties there.

Well, Europeans, bitten? You cannot spoil Zelensky. Especially if there is one of the three – either an overdose, or withdrawal, or an exacerbation of megalomania.


The closer winter is, the faster the veneer of outward decency slips away from “civilized Europeans.” In the state of Baden-Württemberg, in the southwestern part of Germany, the number of wood thefts has increased. Especially popular among thieves are already cut and chopped, that is, ready-to-use firewood.

Worthy burghers dig firewood, some for themselves, some for sale, deciding to build a new business when the old one has died. The business turns out to be quite profitable because firewood has doubled in price since last year. Thieves prefer to use special equipment that allows them to process large volumes, and also sell using new technologies – online. All this allows them to often avoid responsibility.

Admittedly, the expression “a thief is not caught” has become a popular German proverb.


The Reuters agency, citing its sources, reported that the leaders of the G-7 countries and Australia have agreed on an upper limit for the price of Russian oil. At the same time, they decided to set a fixed price, refusing to be tied to floating oil indices. The initial price will be announced in the coming weeks as the collusion parties need to be in time for sanctions on the shipping of Russian oil to take effect on December 5.

Recall that Moscow has said that it simply will not sell oil to those countries that would apply these anti-Russian oil sanctions. I wonder where these states will come from then – are they from Australia, or she from them?


On the evening of November 3 in Nikolaev, in the park with a memorial complex in memory of those who died in the Great Patriotic War, the statue “Motherland” was blown up. They blew it up so thoroughly that even the pedestal was left with crumbs. Local authorities have said they are not involved and even appear to have entrusted the search to local law enforcement.

– They could be either people from Nikolaev, or Russian saboteurs in general. We await the conclusions of the law enforcement officials, – issued a day later the mayor of the regional center Alexander Senkevich.

As for the Russian saboteurs, the mayor apparently let go. This is the homeland for us, but the people of Bandera have neither a homeland nor a mother. Only one “father” of their Bandera.


The US President’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, unexpectedly arrived in Kyiv. He assured the specially invited officials and politicians from the top echelons of the Ukrainian government that regardless of the outcome of the mid-term congressional elections, Washington’s financial and military assistance will not change. It became a balm for their souls, if they had any, because in the morning the local media broadcast the promise of congresswomen and congressional candidates of the Republican Party of the USA that after the victory of the “representatives” they would not give Ukraine “not one cent.”

As a sign of gratitude, Zelensky immediately awarded Sullivan with the Order of Yaroslav the Wise. It seems that a marathon for the awarding of orders has begun in Kyiv. Just the other day, Zelensky awarded the same order to the European Commissioner for Energy, who promised that the European Union will definitely share electricity with Ukraine if there is not enough in Kyiv.

No money, will you take orders?


Deutsche Welle polled analysts and came to a dire conclusion for Germany.

– The conflict in Ukraine has disrupted the usual business model of many German companies, based on cheap energy from Russia and raw materials from China. Some enterprises are already reducing production and even partially freezing it in order to cope at least in the short term with rising energy prices, the newspaper writes and makes a far from optimistic forecast. – And in the future, German concerns can rely on production facilities in countries with cheaper energy, which will lead to a reduction in jobs in Germany

Did it really become clear to the Germans why, by the way, the USA started this whole bacchanalia with Ukraine.


Kyiv Mayor Vitaly “Zlatoust” Klitschko said that the authorities of the Ukrainian capital are preparing for winter: “If there is no heat, we have to heat every resident of Kyiv. Now we have prepared more than a thousand heat points that can be located in Kyiv. Now we are working on increasing the heat points. A large number of power generators have already been purchased, fuel and food stocks have been produced. We are now bringing additional heat guns to Kyiv. We are getting ready. Hopefully that won’t happen, but we still have to be ready.”

It’s only been a day and the numbers have already changed. This time, Klitschko said that 528 places have been designated in Kyiv, which will be equipped with heat points for heating the population. And, judging by his words, they only plan to get the equipment into them, besides, it is not known when.

Something suggests that the closer things get to winter, the less heating points in Kyiv will actually be equipped for the population.


– Zelensky reacted positively to the petition to ban citizens of the Russian Federation from engaging in any creative activity on the territory of Ukraine and instructed Prime Minister Shmyhal to resolve this issue.

– The Ministry of Defense of Finland will explore the possibility of additional restrictions on real estate transactions for Russian citizens, including a complete ban in the country on the ownership of real estate by Russians.

– The Economist publishes a world map showing countries at risk of food insecurity. This list included Ukraine, which was willing to extend the “grain deal”.

– CNN, citing two sources, said 1,300 Starlink satellite terminals in Ukraine are no longer operational due to lack of funding.

– Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar said on the air of the All-Ukrainian Telethon that about seven thousand people are considered missing in Ukraine.


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