The grandson of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Leonid Smirnykh, was sent to a special operation – Soviet Sakhalin

– My husband once served on an emergency basis, for 2 years, in Primorye. The military specialty is a senior driver, he is a private, – says Leonid’s wife Marina Smirnykh. – On September 24, he was mobilized, on October 18 he sent an SMS, they say that he arrived with a team in Rostov. After that, the husband did not contact for a while, because of which there were worries, and that day the long-awaited call rang. Leonid briefly said that he was completing his studies, and the next day he left with a team of Sakhalin residents to directly participate in a special operation …

Is there support from the authorities? There is support, but it’s still a bit tight. The eldest daughter, Dasha, after graduating from school, entered the South Sakhalin Medical College, lived in a dormitory. The youngest, Arisha, is a student, studying in the 8th grade. Winter is coming, kids need shoes. I work as a nurse in the surgery of the central regional hospital, my income is not enough.

My request for a one-time payment of 300 thousand rubles was accepted when my husband flew to the mainland. That day, these funds were credited to the account.

Not everything is clear with the receipt of the husband’s allowance for the period when he was trained on Sakhalin. It seems that during this time the mobilized should be paid as military personnel, but so far only 8 thousand rubles have been received on the card. Although it’s been almost a month…

Do we get utility bills? We use – 50 percent for housing and communal services – rent and major repairs. At the same time, there are no discounts for electricity, heating, and Internet access.

Before mobilization, Leonid worked as a foreman at Teploset LLC. The family’s income was sufficient. In the enterprise, the husband was calculated on time, all payments were made, and they must keep his place. Recently, we, like all the families of the mobilized, received 5 kilograms of pink salmon …

I received several calls from the local social security authorities, who were interested in our family’s situation. We have such a difficulty: Leonid is the owner of a private house that needs to be heated, which means that firewood and coal must be purchased and delivered. The regional administration promised to consider my request for help, but so far the problem has not been resolved …

The Center for Social Support in the Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalinsk region assured that it has the situation under control with all mobilized people, including Leonid Smirnykh’s family. They are also informed that they can contact for assistance on tel. 8(42434) 4-25-55 (city hall reception), 8(42434) 4-42-28 (deputy mayor for social affairs) and 8(42434 ) 4 -25-23 (reception at the regional meeting).

– As for the salary through the Ministry of Defense, the department, as far as I know, pays it monthly, but once, in the interval from the 10th to the 20th. In this case, the amount was most likely not large, the money was paid for the period from September 24 to October 1, and the rest will be paid in November,” commented the head of the mobilization commission in the region. Vladimir Ikonnikov. – As for the help of the Smyrni family with firewood and coal, I think we will solve the problem together with the district administration.

Contact us, you will be heard!

According to the regional Ministry of Social Protection, families of Sakhalin residents called up for service in accordance with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decree on partial mobilization have already received payments in the amount of more than 255 million rubles.

Who can apply for a grant?

  • – Spouse (husband), who is in a registered marriage with the mobilized person;
  • – mother, if the summoned citizen is not in a registered marriage, and in the absence of a mother – the father;
  • – Minor children of the enlisted person in the person of their legal representatives, if the citizen does not have a legal spouse and parents.

The ministry says:

– Everyone will receive the payment, everything possible is being done to speed up this process. This is the order. By the 10th of each month, the ministry requests from the district military commissar a list of those called up for military service on mobilization with details of their family members.

After receiving the list, the ministry clarifies within five days whether these citizens are included in the lists of the personnel of the unit and whether they were sent to participate in a special operation. Thus, the payment of citizens who are sent to participate in a special military operation is made after the citizen is enrolled in the armed forces by order of the Ministry of Defense.

There will be no payment while the person is on Sakhalin, in training and just waiting for a flight to the combat zone. As soon as he enters the zone where he is already conditionally considered to have started fulfilling his obligations, we immediately pay the money.

In addition, questions can be directed to the social networks of the regional administration and the Ministry of Social Protection.

Yaroslav Safonov.


“The grandson of Hero of the Soviet Union Leonid Smirnykh will go on a special operation in Ukraine”

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