The fees of the stars who fled Russia are revealed: Zemfira and foreign agents Galkin * and Makarevich * knock down the price

Now Zemfira is less likely to be called upon to sing for the rich.

Now Zemfira is less likely to be called upon to sing for the rich.

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

Fall and winter are active times for variety artist tours. Our stars and earlier at that time often traveled for concerts abroad. Now those artists who escaped from Russia this spring are singing, dancing and laughing there. There are many assumptions about their search abroad by various experts. But all this is a fantasy, and the real situation can be assessed objectively: by counting the number of concerts, calling managers for taxis. That’s what we did – we studied how once popular artists in our country earn.

There are three main trends. First: they gather halls abroad with a capacity of 1 to 3 (rarely 5) thousand people, which is several times less than in our country; they travel the sites tested years earlier, they also began to explore new cities that there was no time for before. Second: the audience of the performances is only Russian-speaking. Third: incomes have decreased significantly, as the main sources of income have disappeared – participation in private events (they decreased by 70%); no more advertising contracts.

Foreign Agent Morgenstern*

rapper lives in UAE. In November he sang in a club in Dubai, in October he presented an album in another club. Once or twice a month he performs there at private parties for wealthy countrymen. Before the flight, the fee was 100 thousand dollars, now he sings for 30 thousand dollars. The same fee from a foreign agent for a concert tour. In the next month, the rapper has 6 concerts in the United States. So on December 1 in Los Angeles, he sings in a hall with a thousand seats, the average price of a ticket is 132 dollars. More than half the hall has already been sold. The artist’s fee does not depend on the number of tickets sold and their price – this is the concern of the organizers. The organizers pay the artist a fee, which is agreed long before the event – it depends on the popularity of the musician, the capacity of the venue. It is obvious that now the musician lives, including from the millions earned earlier in his homeland.


Zemfira was in great demand at private events of wealthy compatriots. Her fee for the reserve for the New Year now €100 thousand (a year ago it was 200,000 euros). According to rumors, there are only a few orders from ours abroad: both near and far abroad. The singer has long earned money from private reserves, rarely performs concerts for fans. In February in Moscow there were two concerts of 9 thousand people each: the first solo albums in five years. After that, Zemfira went to live in Paris, and the organizers made her a tour of foreign cities for the fall. It is a mistake to link the price of the tour tickets to the income of the artist. Ticket prices are determined by the organizer, who pre-negotiates the fee to be paid to the star’s team. This takes into account the popularity of the artist and the capacity of the site. There were 11 cities on the tour, the last concert in November was held in London at the Royal Albert Hall – all 5 thousand seats were sold. In Paris, the hall was for 1300 seats, similar capacity to other objects. The average ticket price is 100 euros. The average salary of a star for one concert is 110 thousand euros, plus the salary of the team. That is, Zemfira received about 1 million 210 thousand euros (74 million rubles) for her mini-tour.

Foreign agent Andrei Makarevich*

Andrei Makarevich* with his fourth wife and son I live in Israelwhere the musician has an apartment. In Moscow, the musician has a jazz club, bar-restaurant “JAM Club” – banquets, hall rental, concerts. The musician rented the premises of the production center in the capital so that they would not be idle. In Israel, the leader of the “Time Machine” has already presented the second line of his own wine: he launched sales, he himself conducts tastings – you can enter with tickets.

Concerts are bad. Single performances. Time Machine’s fall tour in Russia was canceled in the summer – after repeated harsh statements by the leader of the group against the Russians. In the summer, the musician performed in Cyprus, in Israel – playing with his quintet “Yo5”. In the reserves, the fee was reduced from €50,000 to €40,000, but there are no orders. From February 2023, a long-planned tour in the USA begins – 12 concerts. They are afraid of difficulties with the tours of the group’s musicians from Russia. More than 60% of tickets have already been sold for shows in the United States. Thus, in New York, the capacity of the hall is 1500 seats, the price of tickets is from $80 to $180. The band’s average fee for a concert in the USA is $100,000 (6 million rubles). One concert is planned for spring – in Tbilisi, postponed from this fall. Now Andrey Makarevich lives mainly on savings and income from business in his homeland.

“A little big”

The group’s soloists and part-time lovers Ilya Prusikin and Sofia Tayurskaya rent an apartment in Los Angeles. The other day, Prusikin was crying in an interview with Western media: “Now I have no money, but I have to live somehow …” The private performance price for this group is decent ($100,000) – for the sake of this, soloists from the United States are ready to connect with musicians from Russia and fly to any part of the world. It’s just that the search for wildlife sanctuaries after the departure of Ilya and Sofia is not like that at all. Prusikin has certainly managed to make a living by the ocean in the past three years of wild popularity. In the meantime, you have to be content with a little: in the summer, the soloists sang in cafes in Los Angeles – as animation. In the fall, we toured small European halls (5 concerts – Israel, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Switzerland), and two November concerts in Kazakhstan were canceled – Prusikin and Tayurskaya did not pass the inspection by the organizers, and they did not buy tickets well.

Ilya Prusikin ran away with his lover to a rented apartment in Los Angeles, but he does not have enough money to live on.

Ilya Prusikin ran away with his lover to a rented apartment in Los Angeles, but he does not have enough money to live on.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Foreign agent Maxim Galkin*

This alien agent among the runaway stars the richest artist – according to the latest rating of Russian celebrities by Forbes for the year, he earned from concerts, advertising and television – $ 3 million. Between filming, he traveled around the regions of the country with concerts, immediately after his departure for Israel – people demanded the cancellation of concerts in our country. In Russia, the foreign agent no longer has a job, the advertising contracts with him have been terminated.

The talk show artist has earned so much that he can buy a mansion for his wife and children in Israel and live comfortably for many years. The star’s savings are said to be invested in Western banks. And for ongoing expenses, he earns continuous tours. Halls collected three times less than at home, but some went to the second round. Tourist contacts with this star abroad have long been developed, there is a regular audience – our former compatriots. The tour abroad continues continuously: Israel, the Baltic States, various European countries. In 2023 – Canada, America, Germany. An average of 10 concerts per month. The price of tickets in Israel and the Baltic states: from 6 to 10 thousand rubles. In the US: $100 to $200. The halls are compact – 1500 – 3000 people each. The average fee for a concert is 100,000 euros.

Previously, this artist was one of the most sought-after leading private events among rich Russians: they paid 120,000 euros each. Now the price is 100 thousand euros, but there is nothing to be held – no more than one event in two months.

* The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included Maxim Galkin, Andrey Makarevich, Morgenstern in the list of natural persons-foreign agents.


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