The feathered shift workers at the Murmansk eco-technopark are preparing for winter

Specialists looked at facilities built specifically for breeding hawks, which control bird populations near the ecotechnopark in the Murmansk region.

On the eve of the winter months, representatives of the ornithological service of the JSC Citymatic branch not only carried out a planned inventory, as well as minor repairs where necessary, but also made a perch that Darwin and Cassiopeia will use until next spring or even longer.

The hawks that keep watch in the Ecotechnopark have a warm home. The aviary in which birds are located is made of environmentally friendly materials, the design is based on wood. The rooms are divided into three sections, equipped with infrared lamps that maintain a comfortable temperature. In addition, the lamps have a bactericidal effect. Also, in the aviary, they carried out a general cleaning and complete disinfection of the premises with the help of iodine checkers.

The birds are weighed regularly, in addition, every six months they undergo a planned medical examination, as well as seasonal reinforcement. By now, the birds have already molted, so they welcome the onset of cold weather in full gear.


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