The employer is obliged to issue a copy of the employment book

Murmanchanin Andrey Semenovich asked about the network Internet“, what documents the employee can receive from the employer upon written application. He is interested in an extract from the employment book.

As explained in the prosecutor’s office of the Pervomaisky administrative district of Murmansk, in accordance with the requirements of part 1 of article 62 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (Labor Code of the Russian Federation), upon a written application by the employee, the employer is obliged not to no later than three working days from the date of submission of this application to issue to the worker or employee duly certified copies of the following documents:

– employment record, extract from an employment record (except for cases where, in accordance with this code, an employee’s employment record is not maintained);

– copies of orders for acceptance of work, orders for transfer to another job, orders for release from work;

– certificates of wages, accrued and actually paid insurance contributions for mandatory pension insurance, the period of work for this employer, etc.

But the local regulations of the organizations do not refer in Article 62 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation to those documents that are subject to presentation to the employee upon his written request.

Thus, the employee can receive free of charge copies of documents related only to his work, upon written application from the employer at the last place of work (for the period of employment with this employer). It is also allowed to issue in the form of an electronic document signed with an enhanced qualified electronic signature (if the employer has one).


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