The dirtiest man in the world dies after being forced to wash himself for the first time

The dirtiest man in the world who has not washed for 60 years, Amu Haji or

The dirtiest man in the world who has not washed for 60 years, Amu Haji or “Uncle Haji” as he is fondly called in Iran, has died after washing.


The dirtiest man in the world who has not washed for 60 years, Amu Haji or “Uncle Haji” as he is fondly called in Iran, has died after washing. At least according to the locals, the water treatments were the cause of Uncle Hadji’s death.

The mysterious Iranian hermit lived in a brick shack, covered in soot and pus, scavenging for scraps of food he found on the roads. Sometimes he ate carrion and small animals, constantly smoked a pipe, but stuffed it not with tobacco, but with dried excrement, cut his hair and beard with fire, and believed that water could kill him. The man lived like this – he did not mourn for 94 years. Local media speculated that he stopped bathing after experiencing some emotional turmoil in his youth. And now, as soon as he got under an improvised shower once in 60 years (fellow villagers poured him water from a bucket), he died. Whether he was persuaded to bathe or forced to take water treatments is not known for certain, but the question arose as to whether bathing could cause death or was just a coincidence.


The fact that it is not worth pinching yourself too much with hygiene is confirmed by medical practice. Human skin is home to thousands of species of bacteria and other microbes that together form the skin microbiome. Many of them are important for health. Beneficial skin bacteria can keep potentially harmful germs from spreading. According to Pavel Vorozheykin, a dermatovenerologist from the Pirogov Center of the Arbat Treatment Center, the problem of modern man is excessive hygiene, too frequent washing with products that have a strong effect on the skin. It is not recommended to wash off a colony of beneficial microorganisms from the skin with harsh soap. It is important that the soap and preferably the shower gel has a Ph level of 5.5, which is most suitable for the skin.


The fact that he has faced his deepest fear – the fear of hygiene – can provoke overstrain for the body of a centenarian. In psychology, there is such a thing as ablutophobia – this is the fear of bathing, washing and cleaning. So, the Iranian grandfather is not alone. For example, one of the books on phobias and obsessions says that the fear of bathing was common in France in the early 19th century, when many considered mud to be a protection against disease and the smell of sweat as evidence of health and sexual energy. Thus, a woman in a rural French hospital was outraged at being offered a bath, saying she was 68 years old and had never bathed there.

Still, why did a dirty man die and how long does it take to wash off?

– It is recommended to take a shower at a comfortable temperature every day, says Anna Shchetinina, dermatovenerologist. – And at the same time, use soft and skin-friendly gels, in which the composition is similar to the physiological parameters of the skin. Alkaline products should definitely not be used. What killed the unwashed man? I can only assume that over the years it has formed its own immune system and the body’s protective properties. Through the skin, the body gets rid of toxins, the skin provides air exchange and thermoregulation. Plus – we have a lipid mantle, these are fats that protect our skin from drying out, protect against pathogenic bacteria and form a kind of microbiome. It is not clear if the man was forcefully washed or with what, but his protective film formed over the years was washed away. Against the background of stress, a cascade of inflammatory reactions can begin. One began to cling to the other. And there was such a paradoxical reaction of the body. Perhaps there was an excessive release of components, inflammatory mediators. It could be an allergy or the heart just can’t take it.


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