The cost of free meals for students and pupils from the Arctic has been increased

Andrey Chibis, governor of the Murmansk region, signed a decree to increase the amount of expenses for providing free food to schoolchildren and students. To provide a single free meal, the costs are set at 96.93 rubles per person, two meals per day – 193 rubles.

The list of privileged categories includes elementary school students, students from schools and colleges with disabilities registered with a phthisiatrician, children from low-income families and families in difficult life situations, as well as children mobilized for military service and participants in a special military operation.

Thus, 35.7 thousand students from 1st to 4th grade in the region receive free hot meals, of which 8.7 thousand – twice a day. 12.2 thousand pupils from 5th to 11th grade and 1.5 thousand students receive two meals a day free of charge.

A new order has been established for the payment of monetary compensation for food to students learning adapted general education programs at home. The right to receive compensation instead of free food is also granted to preferential categories of students of medical colleges who do work experience outside the educational organization.


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