The composition was successfully “confused” – Soviet Sakhalin

Our compatriot Yevgeny Kirsanov, who now lives in Krasnodar, became the producer of his music project. In April 2022, the recording of his song about Sakhalin – “Beyond the Water of the Land” began in the professional studio “Laboratory of Sound”. The idea to include the sound of the ancient instrument harp in his melody came at the moment when the author was considering the arrangement of the composition. Undoubtedly, folk intonations would give the song a special flavor.

Yevgeny Kirsanov.

“At first it seemed to me that Krasnodar was not the city where the harp would be found,” said Yevgeny. – You can hear it somewhere in Yakutia or Sakhalin. But, fortunately, the sound engineer was familiar with the Jewish harpist Oleg Sorokin. He invited him to the studio. The musician liked the original idea. The sound director also found vocalists Lisa Shelest and Rodion Kaskov, and after rehearsals and several attempts, I became the third performer. But I decided for the future: if you do projects with your participation, you must first work with a teacher and vote.

Yevgeny Kirsanov studied at the children’s music school “Aniva” for only one year. But by nature he has a good ear, musical and literary abilities. He writes poetry. After the publication of his short story in the fantasy genre, the writer’s organization of Krasnodar paid attention to the new author. And Kirsanov has more than one song about our island. Work on the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk project is coming to an end. In terms of performance, it is simpler, there is only one singer.

And in the first project there were many participants, and Eugene expected that it would be difficult to combine different points of view, opinions, work schedules. But, admittedly, everything went surprisingly smoothly. During the arrangement, the sound engineer so professionally took into account all the wishes of the author in terms of style, composition of the song and the harmonious sound of the Jewish harp that Kirsanov was satisfied with the result of the studio’s work, as well as Yegor Chernyansky, Danil Kuznetsov, Oleg Sorokin, Lisa Shelest and Rodion Kaskov.

Of course, Eugene wanted to “add cinematography to immerse himself in the lyrics of the song.” The video would not have been possible if Kirsanov was not helped by compatriots who provided good and high-quality video material. He mounted it himself and presented the finished work at the All-Russian Poetry Festival.

The other day it became known that our compatriot reached the semi-finals of the “Author’s Song” nomination in Krasnodar (the organizers of the show are organizing a talent search contest in the cities of the region).

By the way, Yevgeny dedicated the song “Over the water at the end” to his mother, who lives in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Lyudmila Grigorievna was touched by the musical birthday gift. Here’s what she said:

– Eugene has been talented since his youth. His life has developed in such a way that although creativity has faded into the background, it has not disappeared anywhere. If the son participates in some competitions, then he puts his soul and achieves a good result.

As a student, as a winner of the regional Olympiad in history, he went to Volgograd to the All-Russian final and took third place. In SPTU-18 he received a diploma with honors. He studied well at Khabarovsk University, where he acquired the profession of financier. He took first place in the TV commercial competition. His prize was a trip to the Republic of Korea. In his youth he wanted to live in the south, where it was warm. And now he yearns and rushes to the island. Every winter he comes here with skis and all the gear to ride Mountain Air. Here are Eugene’s songs about Sakhalin – this is a declaration of love for his small homeland.

Lyudmila Stepanets.

This year, the Sakhalin region celebrates its anniversary – 75 years since the formation of the region in its current borders. The editors are dedicating a new project “Glorified Islands” to this event. We are talking about the history of creating songs about Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, about their authors – professional and amateurs, as well as performers.

You can listen to the songs on the Internet sites of the newspaper “Sovetsky Sakhalin” – on the website, in Odnoklassniki, in WhatsAppin Telegram, VK. A popular vote will be announced by the end of the year.

We invite you to participate in the project. Submit songs. Let’s listen and evaluate them together.

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