The ball is on the court and over the net. Big account – Soviet Sakhalin

On November 13, the preliminary stage of the Russian football championship among the teams of the second league (group 3.1) ended. FC “Sakhalin” played against “Peresvet” from Domodedovo at Spartak Stadium.

Sakhalin women’s volleyball players, the leaders of the Russian championship among women’s teams of the Premier League B (Siberia group), are in a good mood.

The points in this game were doubly important. The fact is that in the second stage, Sakhalin and Peresvet will play in one group (for 13-24th place). In this case, points scored by teams in games between themselves will be taken into account.

In addition, the winner of the match is guaranteed to leave the last place in the standings. Why not give it your all?

The weather, of course, was not at all favorable for football. But let’s not forget that football players, like tanks, are not afraid of dirt. And perhaps the most famous football aphorism is that the game will take place in any weather. And so it happened, reported the press service of the regional Ministry of Sports.

The score at the end of the first half was opened by the graduate of the Sakhalin sports school Maxim Azarenkov, for whom the goal was the first at the professional level.

In the second half, the guests expected 3 “misfortunes”.

Daut Kogonia was taken off the field first, who decided to prove his rightness to the referee.

Second, the goal was scored by our defender Andrey Sorokin, who practically buried the guests’ hopes of a comeback.

And at the end of the match, forward Jan Shanin made the final score – 3:0 in favor of Sakhalin.

The autumn part of the Russian championship is over. The teams will take the field in the spring of 2023.

Sakhalin is the favorite

In the city of Kuibyshev, Novosibirsk region, the second round of the Russian volleyball championship among women’s teams from the Premier League “B” ended. The members of the “Siberia” group played five matches.

VC Sakhalin won everything and continues to lead the group.

Team positions

  1. Sakhalin – 10 wins (30 points).
  2. Olymp (Kuibyshev) – 8 (24).
  3. “Primorochka” (Vladivostok) – 5 (15).
  4. Lokomotiv-Angara (Irkutsk) – 4 (10).
  5. “Transbaikalka” (Read) – 2 (7).
  6. “Altai-AGAU” (Barnaul) – 1 (4).

Not without intrigue

Blagoveshchensk became the venue for the Far Eastern Volleyball Championship. The strongest teams of the federal district in the 2008-2009 age group gathered here. Participants competed not only for medals, but also for tickets to the semi-finals of the Russian championship.

Six participated in the girls’ tournament. Fans witnessed an intriguing outcome in the fight for silver and bronze medals.

Three teams (Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk Krai and Amur Region) scored the same number of points.

At the same time, Primorye won the match against the Khabarovsk team, but lost to the hosts of the site. And the volleyball players from the Amur Region lost to Khabarovsk in a tiebreak.

The panel of judges had to do the arithmetic to match the additional performance of the medal contenders.

Arithmetic brought the representatives of the Primorsky Krai to second place, and the Amur region became the bronze medalist.

But there was no intrigue in the fight for gold medals. The students of the volleyball sports school in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (coaches Stanislav Filimonov and Marina Zakharova) turned out to be from another league. They won all the matches without losing a single game to their opponents. A convincing triumph!

Taisiya Gordeeva, Taisiya Drobisheva, Yana Maksutova, Daria Turkina, Maria Svitlik, Daria Blokhina, Ipek Rasulzade, Anna Kevraletina, Yulia Ko, Maryana Demidova, Marina Kovalenko, Margarita Nuzhnaya became the winners of the championship of the Far Eastern Federal District. Now they have to prepare for the semifinals of the championship of Russia.

Championship results

  1. Sakhalin region – 10 points.
  2. Primorsky Krai – 8 points.
  3. Amur region – 8 points.
  4. Khabarovsk Territory – 8 points.
  5. Magadan region – 6 points.
  6. Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) – 5 points.

Not without intrigue in the youth championship. Here it was necessary to calculate additional indicators to determine the owners of gold and bronze awards.

The most points (9 each) were scored by volleyball players from Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai. It was in this order that additional indicators were placed.

The islanders (the Sakhalin region was represented by students of a volleyball sports school, coaches Alexey Volkov, Marina Zakharova and Andrey Baranovsky) scored the same number of points as the owners of the site (8 each).

Our team’s additional performance was top notch, earning her third place.

Kiril Vinik, Yaroslav Lukin, Yegor Kostirenko, Alexey Khudyakov, Luka Tunik, Yun Du Man, Maxim Prokopenko, Alexander Rybakov, Danil Shishkin, Alexey Tkachenko, Zakhar Shatokhin, Savva Shevlyakov returned to the Island with bronze medals.

Championship results

  1. Khabarovsk Territory – 9 points.
  2. Primorsky Krai – 9 points.
  3. Sakhalin region – 8 points.
  4. Amur region – 8 points.
  5. Jewish Autonomous Region – 6 points.
  6. Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) – 5 points.

Kirill Vinnik and Maria Svitlik from Sakhalin were awarded special awards among the best players of the championship.

Prepared by Yuri PODLIPENSKI.

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