Skill and will to win. Sakhalin residents win medals at representative competitions – Soviet Sakhalin

Show jumping is one of the most spectacular equestrian sports.

The road to the national team

Naro-Fominsk became the venue for the Russian freestyle wrestling championship among juniors up to 21 years old. 130 competitors from 30 regions of the country demonstrated their skills and will to win.

The tournament was very important for the girls. For many, this determines the further sports career.

The Sakhalin region was represented by Arina Yakovleva from Korsakov (coach Khamzat Hamidov) and Anna Boeva ​​from Aniva (coaches Vitaly Simanovski and Badmazhap Yaglinov), the press service of the regional Ministry of Sports reported.

Arina Yakovleva competes in the category up to 65 kg. She placed fifth.

Anna Boeva ​​in the category up to 72 kg reached the final, where she lost to her rival from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), winning a silver medal.

– Anna Boeva ​​is included in the main team of Russia among juniors under the age of 21, and Arina Yakovleva is included in the reserve team of this team, – Vitaly Simanovski summarized the competition.

Anastasia and Calista

Anastasia Murzina and Dmitry Ulyanchev from the Sakhalin Equestrian Club “Golden Mustang” participated in the Maxima Stables all-Russian show jumping competition. The starts were held at the Maxima Park Equestrian Club in Moscow.

The Sakhalin youth team performed on the 100 cm obstacle course (for cleanliness and agility) and competed in the show jumping discipline, where a horse rider has to overcome obstacles for some time. It is one of the most spectacular equestrian sports.

Anastasia Murzina entered the top three and won silver on a horse named Kalista.

Both athletes are in the national team of Sakhalin region.

Free style

About 300 freestyle wrestlers took part in the Sparta League Open tournament in Vladivostok. Athletes from different regions of the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal District took to the carpet. The winners and prize-winners were determined in two age groups (2011-2012 and 2013-2014).

The Sakhalin region was represented by students of the sports school of the Greco-Roman Olympic reserve in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (coaches Nasim Ganiev, Alexander Tolstov, Alexander Shevarev) and the sports school in Nevelsk (coaches Grigory Gyokov and Kazbek Morgoev).

The wrestlers from the island performed well, winning eleven medals (four gold, two silver, five bronze) and a special award.

At the younger age, the winners of the tournament were Ibrahim Ibragimov (up to 24 kg) and Alexander Dzeh (up to 46 kg). Silver medalist – Aldiyar Achkalov (up to 28 kg), bronze – Ivan Serafimov (up to 28 kg), Abdulaziz Khamitov (up to 30 kg), Oomat Kinchagbaev (up to 40 kg).

Gold medals in the competitions for boys 2011 – 2012 Gasan Fakhritdinov (up to 42 kg) and Stanislav Politiko (up to 46 kg) won. In second place – Yegor Levi (up to 50 kg), in third place – Artem Zamuruev (up to 50 kg) and Artem Sereedar (up to 60 kg).

Ibrahim Ibragimov was awarded the special award “For the will to win” by the decision of the panel of judges.

Aldiyar Achkalov and Stanislav Politiko represented Nevelsk, the other medalists – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

He took the bronze

In Komsomolsk on the Amur, all-Russian competitions in Greco-Roman wrestling among men were held in memory of the heroes of the Far East. Athletes from eight regions of the country, including an international master of sports, tested their strength in the “Orlan” sports center.

The Greek-Romans of Ostrava won three bronze medals.

In the category up to 60 kg Ridjat Kazimov took third place, in the category up to 63 kg Igor Stepantsov became the third winner, and after the results of the fights in the category up to 67 kg Stanislav Risaev rose to the third step of the podium. Yakov Jan, who fights in the category up to 67 kg, took fifth place.

Prepared by Yuri PODLIPENSKI.

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