Sentence delayed by 12 years: a resident of Veliky Novgorod robbed a pensioner pretending to be a masseuse – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

A 42-year-old resident of Veliky Novgorod was sentenced in Soltsi, who pleaded guilty to theft accompanied by illegal entry into a dwelling.

In March last year, the attacker was in the city of Soltsi and, under the pretext of providing free medical services, came to the apartment of an 82-year-old local resident. She easily convinced the elderly housewife to agree to a free massage with a special healing ointment. After completing the impromptu procedure, the defendant ordered the victim to lie in bed for another half hour.

Immediately after her departure, the pensioner discovered the loss of all her savings – 35 thousand rubles. It helped that the victim immediately contacted the police. According to the press service of the regional directorate of internal affairs, the thief was arrested on a hot trail by employees of the “Criminal Investigations” sector of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in cooperation with a team of traffic police. During a personal search, all the money stolen from an elderly salt shaker was seized from her.

The sentence of the court is as follows: 2 years and 4 months of imprisonment with serving the sentence in a correctional colony under general regime. However, the execution of this sentence was postponed for 12 years – until the convict’s daughter turned 14.

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