Sakhalin is with you, return victorious! The region escorted the defenders of the Motherland to the mainland – Soviet Sakhalin

The first fighters called up by the troops under the partial mobilization plan flew from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Rostov region. On site, the soldiers will undergo a training course and combat familiarization.

On the second day of October, at the square of the military unit in Aniva, the residents of Sakhalin sent the mobilized compatriots. The future fighters, selected by the military commissariats of the island regions, were greeted by a marching band, after which the priest gave a blessing.

The governor of the region, Valery Limarenko, who returned from Moscow, where he attended the reception by the President of Russia of the liberated territories in our country, addressed his compatriots with a short speech.

We are proud of you – people who made an important and brave decision. We are grateful to you and your families,” the governor said. – You must firmly know and understand: you will fight for the Motherland. All four regions and two republics were accepted into the Russian Federation. We have already started working with your families and will take care of them in the right way. Any question, formal or informal. We will do everything necessary for you and for the victory. We are waiting for you safe and sound at home.

After the head of the region, the chief federal inspector in the Sakhalin region, Ivan Terentyev, took the floor.

“Today you entered service by order of the Motherland,” he addressed the residents of Sakhalin, “I am sure that you will fulfill your assigned combat missions with dignity, inspired by the exploits of our great ancestors and modern heroes of the Motherland.” .

The representative of the military department recalled: the mobilized have a status corresponding to the position of military personnel under contract. This applies to medical, material and social security.

Aniv residents with tricolor flags went to the banks of city roads, along which a convoy of buses and trucks passed to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport.

* * *

Before being sent to the Rostov Region, the conscripts were trained in the Sakhalin units. At Uspensky, soldiers were trained to disguise themselves, identify targets, adjust artillery fire, use observation devices and provide first aid.

According to the Ministry of Defense, in the Rostov camps, the mobilized servicemen will receive and update their combat skills in the composition of platoons and companies, will master combat equipment and weapons, and will undergo fire training. After the completion of the combat coordination program, formations of mobilized citizens will begin to defend the liberated territories. Part of the trained fighters will be in reserve.

The partial mobilization in Russia was announced by presidential decree on September 21. It will cover about 300 thousand citizens who are in the reserve of the armed forces, have a military specialty and are fit for health reasons …

* * *

– Sakhalin and all of Russia with you! We are proud of you and look forward to welcoming you home! – the most unexpected appeal to the fighters was made over the public address system of the airport in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The employees of the air port of the region warmly accompanied their compatriots to Rostov-on-Don, wishing them victory.

Nikolay Shelepov.

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