Rospotrebnadzor urges Novgorodians to be vigilant when choosing red caviar – Vestnik “Novgorod” Veliky Novgorod

The Novgorod administration of Rospotrebnadzor disseminates information that on the eve of the New Year holidays, “Granular salmon caviar” may appear on the consumer market, or, more simply, “red caviar” – in boxes, the manufacturer of which, according to the label, is Perseus LLC from Sakhalin Region or its legal successor LLC “Navi” from the same region. So: this product has been recognized by the department as fake.

The fact is that by a decision of the Sakhalin Arbitration Court, Persey LLC was declared bankrupt in 2019. And since 2016, the enterprise has not been engaged in the production of fish products. The successor LLC “Navi” has also not carried out financial and economic activity since December 2017.

“These producers are ‘ghost enterprises,'” explained Rospotrebnadzor.

Who made this spawn and from what is unknown. So it’s not worth the risk.

The experts also gave some tips for choosing natural red caviar.

  • The natural eggs of the product are small, crumbly and whole, without films and cracks.
  • Natural eggs have a nucleus, while artificial eggs are homogeneous.
  • The smell of caviar is weak, fishy, ​​slightly smoked. The bright color and strong smell of herring betray an artificial or already spoiled product.
  • If you put caviar in hot water, the natural caviar will turn a little white and sink to the bottom, while the artificial caviar will dissolve, coloring the water.

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