Residents of Murmansk will return the lights to the yards

Murmansk resident Natalya Zelenova complained about the lack of lighting in the yard on the page of the governor of the Murmansk region Andrey Chibis VK. According to her, near houses No. 22, 24 on Privokzalnaya Street, the lights are still not on. In October, the tenants were promised to turn on the lights, but already November.

The woman received a response from the official representative of the Murmansk city administration. He said that the landscaping of the yards of houses No. 14, 16, 18 on Privokzalnaya Street, including the installation of outdoor lighting, is being carried out as part of the municipal program “Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment”. The electricity supply of the specified yard areas and partial external lighting in the area of ​​houses No. 22, 24 is carried out by one substation.

“In connection with carrying out repair work, the power supply to the equipment supplied by the specified substation has been stopped. At the moment, the work is being carried out with a delay, the expected completion date is until November 20 this year, “added the specialist.

Elena Dolya, a resident of Murmansk, turned to social networks with the same problem. She said that this fall, light pole blocks were installed next to house No. 30A on Karl Liebknecht Street, but there is still no light in the yard.

When is the next job scheduled? The children are being taken to the garden in the dark on the road,” asked the woman.

According to an official representative of the Murmansk city administration, this year, within the framework of the municipal program “Development of the transport system”, works on the overhaul of the outdoor lighting from Karl Liebknecht Street to house No. 19 on Zagorodnaya Street are being carried out.

“Due to a delay in the delivery of outdoor lighting poles, the completion of work on this site is scheduled for November 30. Sanctions will be imposed on the contracting organization for non-fulfillment of obligations stipulated in a civil law contract, “said the representative.


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