Residents of Murmansk receive answers from management companies

Launched in 2020 in the Murmansk region, the program to repair ordinary domestic boilers is at a standstill. Many residents still can’t figure out how to get their home into the short-term capital improvement program. The management companies that are supposed to do such work are often simply written off by residents with numerous letters with links to decrees, orders and orders.

According to Yulia Barsukova, general director of the Capital Repair Fund of the Murmansk Region, in 2022 it is planned to replace hot water boilers in 29 residential buildings. And residents of houses not included in the program continue to struggle with their management companies unwilling to replace boilers that have failed in an emergency.

Some of the citizens’ complaints are sent to Governor Chibis’ personal page on the VKontakte social network.

Murmansk resident Elena Zai asked to solve the problem with the water heater in house number 43, building 1 on Polyarnye zori street.

“Since the summer, there is no hot water in the whole house. They have already called and written everywhere,” writes the woman from Sofia in her appeal.

Officials from the regional Ministry of State Housing and Construction Supervision, who corresponded with Elena, said they were aware of the problem.

According to them, “in accordance with the act of August 19, 2022, the MKD boiler was not tested and was not allowed for further operation. In view of the above, it is necessary for the owners to initiate a general meeting of residents, at which the issue of replacing the boiler will be considered or contact the commission for determining the need for major repairs in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Construction of the Murmansk Region No. 659 from 16.12.2021

In addition, the active lady was informed that the general meeting has already been scheduled and there is a question of co-financing the owners in the amount of 50 percent of the work to replace the damaged boiler.

The management company Zapolyarye Service also joined the correspondence on the social network.

According to the management company, “after the boiler was rejected, a package of documents was sent to the Ministry of Construction of the Murmansk region (as early as September 23, 2022) to include the work on replacing the boiler in the short-term implementation plan of the regional program for a major overhaul for 2022-2023, but a response was received about lack of funds from the regional operator for 2022-2025.”

Thus, the Penal Code shrugged its shoulders and again advised the residents of the house to hold a general meeting to resolve the issue of co-financing the work at the rate of 50 percent of the contract value.

A meeting of the inhabitants was held during the summer, but there was no quorum. The second is on October 25. Residents claim that there is still no hot water in their apartments.


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