Residents of Murmansk complained about street vendors

The resident of Murmansk, Igor Avdeev, asked a question to the page of the governor of the Murmansk region, Andrey Chibis, on the VK social network. He asked when the street trading at the bus stops would stop.

“They trade without documents and cash registers,” the man said.

An official representative of the Murmansk city administration answered the call of the resident of Murmansk. He said that trading in places not established for this purpose by municipal regulatory legal acts constitutes an administrative offense under Article 13 of the Law of the Murmansk Region “On Administrative Offenses”. This leads to a warning or the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of three hundred to one thousand rubles. In case of repeated violation, the fine will increase to three thousand five hundred or five thousand rubles.

According to the specialist, 184 on-site inspections were carried out this year on the territory of Pervomayski district. And on November 7, during another action in the area of ​​the District Hospital bus stop, the fact of trading at an unspecified location was established. A protocol has been drawn up against a natural person. The audit material has been submitted to the administrative commission, where measures will be taken.

Residents of Murmansk were reminded that if they witness trading in unspecified places, they can contact the Committee for Economic Development (consumer market department: Lenina Blvd., 87, phones 45-45-10, ext. 121, 124 .


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